Yeah, I'm Gay || Hiatus

James was 15 when he first felt feelings towards another boy. The problem was that Alex, the boy he liked, wasn't gay. James didn't tell anyone about his secret, he was terrified that he would be cast out from society.
Eventually, he told his best friend Mitchell. He supported him so much, and James wondered why he hadn't told him sooner.
Unfortunately, not everybody was so happy about his sexuality.
Author's note.
I felt like I needed to write this, as there are not enough non-fanfiction stories out there with an LGBTQ main character. I realise that this is a touchy subject for some people, so I'll try my best not to accidentally and indirectly insult them (e.g. Make James say something like 'Oh my gosh Mitch you're so out of sync with all the gay boys. Like, look at this fabulous little munchkin puffball, his name's Troye Sivan, ain't his booty cute?').


10. Autumn Leaves

'Right,' Mr. Rowen said as the bell went. 'James, give your list to Poppy, the rest of you can hand up your sheets and go.'

All of the students rushed to get out of detention, pushing and shoving to get to the door.

'So, what did you put on your list?' Mitch asked James.

'Uhm, I don't actually know, just her hair and stuff. You?'

'I said that I did it as an act of defence towards you.'

James looked up at Mitch, shocked.

'Oh, don't worry, I didn't talk about "that".'


'Kayla, listen to me. There's obviously going to be dicks, you just have to put up with them.' James said to Kayla through his phone.

'I know, but I just don't know if I can take it it all.' She sighed back. 'Can I stay over with you and Mitch at least?'

'Hang on, I'll ask.' James covered the phone with his hand. 'Hey, Mitch, can Kayla sleep over tomorrow?'

'Woah, the hot one? I didn't know you were bi.

'What? No, Mitch! She's a lesbian!'

'Really? Huh... Sure, though, I guess.'

'Thanks. Kayla? Yeah, he said yes.'


James' last lesson was P.E.- the teacher had made everyone play soccer, boys vs girls. He put James on the girls team.

Mitch and James met up with Kayla outside the toilets after school again.

As the three were walking home, James noticed how Mitchell swayed ever so slightly whenever he walked, and how his teeth overlapped a little at the front. He realised that his eyes weren't just brown, the were more like the colours of autumn leaves.

'James, look out!'

James' head shot up as he heard Kayla's voice. He turned his head to the right and a pain shot through his whole body. The sound of screeching tyres was ringing in his ears. He felt disorientated as he tried to move his head. A loud crack came from his neck, and it took everything in James not to scream.

'James!' Kayla cried out again. 'James look at me. Mitch called an ambulance and the police, okay? It's going to be okay. You can scream, I don't mind.'

James would've smiled, but instead he just screamed. He did so until Mitchell came over to him with a bald man he didn't recognise.

'I'm so sorry, mate. I didn't mean to hit you. I-I'll pay for all you hospital bills, yeah? I'm sorry. I'm Jonathan Tate. I'm so sorry, please forgive me- actually, don't- I hit you with a car, God dammit...' The man said rather quickly.

'I don't think you're helping,' Kayla said angrily. 'Go sit down on the curb or something.'

'M-Mitch...' James wheezed, spots appearing in his vision. Mitch's face came into view. The spots clouded over Mitch's concerned eyes, making James frown. 'The... Leaves...'

James then blacked out completely.

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