You Forgot, But I Didn't

Harry loved me. I think? He then goes off and forgets? Why should I love him again, for did he even love me. He did, but you just don't do what he did to me to a girl you just don't. You especially don't forget when I never did.




Well I just wanted to tell you this is my new Harry Styles Not Famous-Famous Fan Fiction! I am so excited to start writing but before I do 2 things I need to say.

1. I will be updating 2 times a week for sure. Well, hopefully! Also this story's main idea and some details were not mine some were and some weren't so don't kill me if you have read a story similar to this. (It wasn't on movellas though it was on a different site) I just wanted to write it, but make the story my own.

2. Give me your feedback or ideas. Trust me ideas are gonna make this story way better! And comment if you like the story....

Well that's it for today!



*You know you're perfection, since you love One Direction <3 ~HazzaLover12*


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