The Rebels of Serenade Drive

I'm Catrina, AO42, my ID number I respond to in times of battle. And my friends, Rosie GK12, Erin AF92, and Tori DZ76. We are the Rebels of Serenade Drive. Our country was overtaken by the presidents brother, Desmond Agraffo the third. He rules our country, accept Delhi township of Cincinnati Ohio, The United States of America. We have set up a force field around Delhi to protect the rebels. I'm thirteen years old, and have been battle fifty seven times since I was nine years old, the age I was able to enter battle. Crazy, right? Well it's about to get crazier.
Looking for a co-author possibly!


1. The day it all began 1

Chapter 1

Catrina's Point Of View

     Today is they day we are preparing for battle. We are in an underground stronghold in attempt to keep safe because the government has found a weak spot in the force field. The force feild contains the RSD, The Rebels of Serenade Drive. I am thirteen years old, I think. My birth certificate was burned in an explosion which killed five of my brothers and three of my sisters, all of my siblings. My best friends are my family. Rosie, Erin, and Tori. I met them because Reins family and house was destroyed by and explosion as well. She could only save her youngest brother, Einn, who is currently five. Tori's brothers were killed in jail by cause of being tortured. Tori escaped with her mother, who was shot in the head during their escape by the RP, the Rebel Police. Rosie, we call her Brooke because Rosie is her name on her fake ID. But anyways, her entire family escaped when the RP raided her house. They used a mining tunnel from the early 1800's. It is currently 2076, I think. I haven't seen a calender that is correct since 2069. I was six then. My siblings, my mother, they I'm going to skip ahead now. My father leads the resistance. When he dies, I will be the resistance leader or pick someone who I think is fit for the job to lead the rebels. There are different rebel groups. We are of Seranade Drive, and then there is of Trio Court, of Lullaby Avenue, of Heavenly Parkway, and so on  Eastern. I should probably start with when all this began to explain.



So what do you guys think? If you have any ideas just comment and I will be putting new characters in so if you want to be a character in this book just Kik me at @infinity_luv or just comment. Your chances of being in the book will be higher if you Kik me probably. Check out some of my other books, too! Kk thanks bye!

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