I Will Always Love You

After the third "most horrible breakup in the history of breakups", Mandy has totally given up on all boys and doesn't even want to lay one eye on another hot lifeguard, cute grocery boy, or adorable nerd ever again.

This summer Mandy just wants to live the single life and kiss whoever she wants whenever!

However, at the first party of the summer, Mandy sees this one guy.
Drop. Dead. Gorgeous.
His fluffy brown hair with gold streaks in the sunlight, his big blue eyes with green specks, his thick muscular arms, his mesmerizing smile...
She can't stop staring. But she has to. He's just going to be another guy to break her heart and he's probably a dumb jock anyways.

Is he a dumb jock? Find out by reading! See what happens in Mandy's new lovelife this summer!

1. Ch.1

I'm working on it!

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