Is This Love?

"He slammed me against the wall, and he slowly grind his hips onto mine’ pinning my arms against the wall, he came toward my ear and with his deep raspy voice saying “dare you to say that again”
Catherina is just an 18 year old girl whom is experiencing something she has always dreamt of <3.. Is this true love? Or too good to be true ..?
Read to find out ;) x


13. "What's wrong" Harry asks ..

I changed into different pajamas and I went to my room, my hair is all wet; I just putted on my slippers and went to my room, I just sat there thinking. Harry noticed and sat next to me.

“What’s wrong?” Harry said worried.

“Nothing I’m fine…” I replied back looking down.

“Love, I know when a ‘girl’ says that, she’s not “Okay“…” Harry said.

“My umm…Boyfriend texted me taking ANOTHER rain check, he’s always doing that, and I always see him flirting with another girl, It hurts me but I pretend it doesn’t so he won’t have to worry. I don’t want to lose him though, I love him with all my heart!” I told Harry. I felt like crying, because I just told Harry how I felt. I never told no one how I felt.

“ Wow…” Harry replied back. He moved closer to me, putted his arms around me and whispered “Well beautiful, it’s his lost, lets go downstairs and watch a movie together. Wouldn’t that make you feel better?”

I looked up, we both starred into each others eyes and I replied “Wow…I mean yeah! Sure” I smiled at Harry. His eyes are SO irresistible!<3

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