The Forbidden Love

Alyssa is a strong independent girl with a few issues..she is bi polar, depressed, has anxiety but is extremely enthusiastic. She is bisexual and atheist. Her mother and stepfather hate her for that but what they hate even more is her choice of friends and boyfriend. They love each other and her fiends Ana and Ashely and father Keith do whatever they can to let them see each other. Read more to see what happens in this crazy story.


5. I love you

Alyssa's POV:

I walk out of school with Ana and Ashley, arms attached together and we all laugh when we see some freshmans try to climb a tree and start getting yelled at by one of their teachers.

As- "when are these little babies gonna learn that you can't do shit like that"

An- "I don't know man but it's annoying, they always get in trouble but it's funny seeing them hit on the slut bags." We all laugh and I look up to see Jason leaning against his black convertible mustang, damn he looks so good right now. He's wearing his favorite navy blue beanie, intensely black skinny jeans and sexy grey muscle shirt. I swear to god he does that just to tease me.

A- "yes it is but I gotta go I see someone that's not supposed to be here..." I kiss my friends cheeks and say goodbye to my "lovers" and walk over to Jason. He holds his arms out singling that he wants a hug so I drop my back and run up to him and wrap my arms around his neck and give him a passionate kiss. He rests his hands on my waist and starts to slowly slide them down to my ass, I bite his lip and he lightly groans into my mouth then he whispers in my ear, "Jump" I jump and he catches me by the ass as I wrap my legs around his thin waist. As he pulled me closer to his I could fill his toned abs against my flat stomach then I heard my friends start whistling.

"GET A ROOM WE DONT WANT TO SEE THE PROCESS OF YOU GUYS MAKING BABIES!!!" Ashley yelled at us. I just laughed and jumped down then grabbed my bag and took my phone from my back pocket, Jason looked at me and nodded letting me know he was going to wait in the car. So I dialed my dad's number.

(K= Keith A=Alyssa)

K- "what's up?"

A- "Jason picked me up from school so can you tell mom I'm with you fishing and that I'll have to leave my phone in the truck so if I don't answer her calls that's why. Please?"

K- "yeah sure, tell Jason I said hi. When will I see you tonight? Or are you sleeping over his house?"

A- "I'll have to ask him one sec.." I motion to Jason to roll down the window and he does, "am I sleeping over your house tonight babe?"

J- "yeah" he smiled at me then bit his lip them started to play with his lip ring. God damn it is so hot when he does that. I went back to talking to my dad before I lost my train of thought.

A- "hey dad I'm sleeping over Jason's"

K- "ok have fun love you! Use protection" I laughed at that

A- "ok dad we'll use protection. I love you too bye" I just realized Jason didn't roll the window back up so he heard the protection part and bit his lip and I swear he was a little hard but I didn't have enough time to look. I grabbed my bag shoved it in the back then got in the car.

I turned on the radio and 5SOS came on and I started singing along to the song, Jason jut started to laugh and changed it to his CD of black veil brides. Our favorite band. He quickly put on 'rebel love song' that's our song. I smiled and kissed his cheek. He held my hand with his right then pulled my hand up to his mouth and kisses it gently. We came to a red light and he looked me in the eyes.

J- "Alyssa Jay, I am absolutely in love with you." I was so shocked. That was the first time he has ever said he loved me. Ever. But I feel the exact same way.

A- "I love you Jason Quinn." I leaned in and kissed him then a car horn honked at us singling that it was time to drive.

I sat back in my seat, looked out the window and smiled and thought 'this is going to be a great night...'

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