Love at First Sight

One Direction Fanfic

All we wonder is how we got into this mess.


1. Only the Beginning

Brinley's POV:

"Hurry up! We're gonna be late!" I yelled from the front door. "Just a second!" Kyra yelled back. Kyra is my full sister, but she's twenty and I'm nineteen. We both have dark brown hair that almost falls down to our waist. The only other difference is that I have brown eyes and freckles, and she has blue eyes with freckles here and there. "Okay, I'm ready!" Kyra said walking over to me after grabbing her purse. "Where's Alyssa and Macy?" I asked as I put my phone away. "Their dad picked them up earlier." She said locking the door behind her. We all four have the same mom, but Macy and Alyssa have a different dad than Kyra and I. They're fraternal twins, seventeen years old, and have light blonde hair that almost comes to their waist too. Alyssa has blue eyes, and Macy has green, and they barely have any freckles. We're all really close though, and are inseparable. We walked to the car and warmed it up before I pulled out of the driveway. We got to Starbuck's and walked to the back room. This is like, one of the most common and boring jobs there is, but it's close to home and pays good. We took our places at the registers after putting on our aprons and began the work day. It was like a ghost town. Barely anybody was coming in. I heard the bell ring as someone opened the door and I got ready to take orders. I couldn't really see who came in with the light shinning in from the windows, but I saw five figures. "Hi, how are you?" I asked before I realized who walked in. I raised my eyes to a pair of blue ones. It was Niall Horan, and the rest of the boys were with him. "How in the HECK does this happen?!" I thought to myself. "I'm great! How are you?" He asked with his cute Irish accent. Macy would be SO jealous right now! "I'm good, thanks for asking! Why can I get for you?" I asked. He ordered and they all sat down except for Zayn. He pulled out his wallet and cursed under his breath after he looked through it. "Be right back Doll." He smiled at me. I shook my head and walked to the back. "Kyra, I need you out here, but first, One Direction is out there." I said to her whispering. "Oh my gosh. Okay, okay. We have to keep it cool. Don't freak out." She answered excitedly. "I'm fine, it's you I'm worried about!" I laughed. "Whatever!" She said as we walked to the front. She looked at the orders as she started making them and I waited for Zayn to get me the money. He walked back up to me and handed me the money. Our hands touched and I tried my best not to have a heart attack! I saw him blush a little bit and he half smiled before he walked away. I'm putting the money in the register, but there was a slip of paper between the bills. I put away the rest and read the paper. It had a number and read, "Call me ;) -Zayn" I looked up and found Zayn sitting with the other boys, but he was staring at me. He smiled and winked at me, and I looked back down at the slip of paper as I felt my face turn extremely red, and I know he saw. I smiled really big and turned around before putting the paper in the pocket of my jeans to help Kyra finish making their drinks.

Kyra's POV:

Brinley and I finished their drinks and set them on the counter as the boys came up one by one to get their order. I saw Brinley go over to the table with our purses on it and she sat down to wait for our shift to be over. I felt as my heart almost came out of my chest as Liam walked up last to get his drink. I handed it to him and expected him to just walk away, but he stopped me with his British accent, "What's your name love?" He asked smiling and looking me in the eyes. "Kyra." I answered smiling back at him and finding myself getting lost in his brown eyes. "Beautiful name! I'm Liam." He said warmly holding out his hand. I shook his hand and answered happily, "It's nice to meet you Liam!" "And a pleasure to meet you Kyra." He said softly before kissing my hand. I felt myself blush big time! "Do you have paper and a pen?" He asked. "Yeah!" I answered grabbing a scrap piece of paper and getting a pen from the pocket of my apron. I handed it to him and watched as he wrote down his number. "Call me or text me soon love." He said giving me the slip of paper. "I will." I smiled happily. He smiled back and sat back down with the boys. I got my phone out of my pocket and put in Liam's number before I would forget even though I don't know how I could! I walked to the table where Brinley was sitting at and sat next to her. The boys finished and left after saying bye to us. We waved to them and I saw as Zayn smiled at her, but then I heard Liam's voice, "See you soon Kyra!" He waved to me and smiled. "Okay!" I smiled back and waved as he left. "So you and Liam now?!" Brinley said excitedly. "And what about you and Zayn?!" I said back. I laughed and she did too. "Touché!" She answered getting up. We walked to the door and she grabbed the keys and let me out first and locked the door. "You're driving!" She said throwing me the car keys. I laughed and started the car and pulled away to head home.

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