Love by chance

Mary Beth was a typical 18 year old when one day her life takes a turn for the better. Mary Beth and her friends, Adaline and Ella, go on adventure seeking to meet their idols, one direction...

Will love be discovered? Or will tragedy pull lovers apart?


1. I thought it would be a normal day

Hi! I'm Mary Beth! I'm super hyper and CRAZY! I don't mind going out of my comfort zone. I go to a small school here in Alabama. I'm 18 and ready to graduate.My friends are basically my life.(besides one direction). I really love 1d and I like to imagine them bursting into my classes at any random moment. My besties Ella and Adaline also fantasize with me.

I just walked into 4th period. Math with Mrs. Heightschmidt. UGGGG!! I sat down in my seat and "accidentally" zoned out. I began to imagine Harry, Zayn, Liam, Louis, and Niall walking into my class and saving me from advanced physics. Just then mrs.h called on me and Adaline to demonstrate something to the class. Since I tuned out I didn't know what we were doing.I slowly stood up, trying not to freak out. (You see, I'm typical good girl, never gotten detention ,makes good grades, is respectful ect.) I didn't want to act stupid, so I walked up to were Adaline was standing at the front of the class.

"Go on, demonstrate!" Mrs. H demanded. I looked at Adaline who began to make faces at me. Ella then started to quietly, giggle realizing Adaline and I didn't know what we were supposed to do.

"What are we supposed to do?" I whispered to Adaline.

" I don't know. I was day dreaming about 1d." Adaline murmured to me.

"No way I was too!!" I replied in a soft voice.

We both looked at each other and screamed, "TWINZIES!!!!!!!!!"

Every one burst out laughing. It didn't bother me, it makes me feel good when some one laughs at something I did. Mrs h told us to sit down and I gratefully did as I was told.

Before I knew it we were all most finished with the school day.It was 7th period and Ella, Adaline , and I were talking in Mrs. Lovelady's class. She is elderly and practically deaf so everyone talks in that class. She has basically given up trying to get us to stop talking. We were all sitting there playing a very fun game of mash on our white boards.

"I heard that one direction was flying to New York and were taking two planes and they stopped to get onto the second one in Birmingham!"

I excitedly told Ella and Adaline.

"I know! I read that online this morning!!" Ella exclaimed.

"I wish we could ditch school and go to the airport to meet them!" Adaline said.

"Wait!!! We can!!!" I exclaimed "All we have to do is ask to go to the bathroom. Once we are out of mrs.Lovelady's class we can walk to the front and check ourselves out of school! We can then get into my jeep and drive to the airport to meet them!!!"

"Mary Beth are you forgetting, you are a good student. This could ruin your good streak!!" Ella said.

"I know this is isn't right, but I want too!!!" I said .

"Well, I'm in if you are, Ella" Adaline agreed.

"I wanna! I just didn't want mb to get upset if we get in trouble." Ella spoke.

One at a time we slowly got up and asked to go to the bathroom. All three of us were inside the bathroom.

"All right, I'm gonna go tell the front I have a doctors appointment. Ella, in 10 min go to the front and say you are supposed to go and get your car picked up from the shop and Adaline is supposed to drive you there." I explained. "That should work ,Ella, because you rode with your brother this morning, once we are in the parking lot, we can write a sticky not explaining our want to go find one direction and we can put it on your brother's car along with $20, so he won't tell any one" I continued, " When we are out we can drive to Walmart and leave your car there, Adaline. We can then pile up into my jeep and go find the boys!!!!" I cheered.

"That sounds good!" Adaline and Ella said in unison.

15 minutes later, the three of us were in my jeep and headed to the airport.

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