My New (Step) Brother

Amber (A big directioner) comes home to her moms after spending the summer at her fathers. This time her mom has a boyfriend who came with a child of his own. The one and only Louis Tomlinson. What will happen as a new life and new family is pushed at her. Will she welcome them with open arms or will she run away?

---- Thanks to CorkyPorky for making our cover, it's awesome!


6. Chinese Food

We head down stairs. Evelyn grabbed my hand and squeezed it tightly trying to stop herself from shaking. "It will be ok, just calm down" I say turning around. When I turn back I almost run into Niall.

"Sorry, was just coming to get you before the food gets cold." His eyes wonder from me to Eve. He turns around and starts walking back to the kitchen. 

"That was awkward." Evelyn said as we started walking to the kitchen. 

"At least I wasn't the only one who thought that." I let go of her hand and looped my arm with hers. "Now let's go I ordered our favorite, chicken fried rice." We get to the kitchen and see the boys already started to eat.

"Sorry, we were hungry." Louis said still chomping on noodles. I grabbed the container of chicken fried rice and sat on the bar stool in the middle of where Sara and Liam sat. She has a HUGE crush on Louis which makes me laugh inside knowing that Louis is eating on the other side of the bar right in front of her.

Harry cleared his throat to talk. "I think introductions would be a good idea, I'm Harry Styles, that is Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Louis, but I have the feeling you already know that." He winked at Sara who started blushing

"Well I'm Amber and this is my best friend..."I started but Evelyn interrupted.

"Evelyn, the names Evelyn but you can call me Eve. It's nice to meet you. Thanks for the food by the way. It's my favorite." She smiled but looked back done at her Chinese and starts eating again.

"Hopefully your best friend knows what you like or that would be embarrassing." Louis chuckled to himself. Then it settled in an comfortable silence as we ate until Zayn interrupted.

"We should go out and do something. Not the mall though, too crowded. Any ideas?"

"Do you want to go to the community park around the corner? No one is usually there except little kids and parents."

"Sounds good." Liam says "Hate being so cramped up in houses."

"Well when we're done we can go." I add. We all start eating quickly in silence. "Done, I will go grab my bag. Do want me to grab yours Eve?

"No, I'm done to, might as well go with you." She grabs our plates and hops off the stool. She grabs my hand and slowly walks till around the corner then suddenly starts running to my room dragging me up the stairs. She pulls me into the room and closes the door. "EEEEEEEEE! I can't believe this! We just ate lunch with One Direction. We are going to the park with them. Pinch me. Actually don't I want to stay in this dream." She giddly picks up her bag and heads to the mirror to fix her hair and make up. I just stand there watching her jumping around, it makes me laugh inside. I walk over and bump her with my hip.

"Move over, I need to put on my make-up too." We finish quickly and head downstairs with our stuff.

"Ready to go?" Louis says sitting on the couch in our living room.

"Yes I think we got everything, right Eve?" I turn to Evelyn to see her nod her head. I look up and smile at them. "Then let's go."

Niall gets up off the arm of the sofa next to the door and opens it. "Finally." 

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