Winter when it Matters

Anyone can become a warrior, I learned the hard way. This is my story, the time I became a hero, made my enemies and fell in love. Maybe I can keep every thing in balance.


1. Prologue


              Lindsey can't breath. The cold world collapses around her. Her eyes begin to flutter shut.No. Lindsey thinks to herself . No, you are not going to die this way. Not after what you've done for yourself , for Ivan. Stay awake! 

             Lindsey's eyes snap open looking around she's in a cold,damp room and she had to get out. Where was Ivan? Was he even alive? Don't think like that! Lindsey thought. There was a faint whisper coming from out side the room. A man with a deep voice talking to... a woman. Someone Lindsey knew, but how did she know her? She would have to see this women's face to recognize her.

              The two people walked into the room.Lindsey tried to lift her head but was pulled back to the ground. 

              " Don't move," hissed a strangely familiar voice Lindsey knew she had heard before,"if you move, you will only cause you pain. Do you want that?" hissed the voice, slowly stroking Lindsey's face with her long curly finger nails. They were cool and a dark emerald green and had a little painted dragon on the index finger. Lindsey knew where she had seen this lady it was... nope you'll need to read the beginning to find out.


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