"I don't have much to offer, but I promise you can have the best of me."

Louis goes to school and sees that a new boy has arrived. What happens when the boy turns to be his neighbor and the new boy, Harry, comes over for dinner to Louis' house?


1. "I don't have much to offer, but I promise you can have the best of me."

“I don’t have much to offer, but I promise you can have the best of me.”                                                               


“Beep, Beep, Beep,”  My alarm shout out, and now I wish I didn’t even own one.

 I moaned, when I heard my mother yelling at me that it’s time to get up.  My eyelids opened and then closed from my lack of sleep last night. Ugh , why do I have to get up? I got up from the bed and saw my best friend, Liam was looking down on me.  “What are you doing here?” my voice scratchy.

 Liam stood up.

 “For one Louis, you have to get up, for another thing WE have school today.” I groaned.

 Liam’s chuckling was in the background,  I want to slap him upside the head right now but I don’t have any energy to do it.  My head turned to see my alarm clock.  It said 7:20. “AHHH!” my screaming was startled by Liam, with him almost breaking my glass lamp on my side table.

Why does this always  happen to me?

 I rushed into the bathroom that was connected to my room, shut the door and locked it.  I stripped down from my boxers I had on, and already had the water running for the shower.  I jumped in, not even waiting for it to get warm. The water was freezing and goosebumps raised all over my body.  Quickly, I lathered the shampoo into my hair and rinsed and along with washing my body too.  I turned off the water faucet and jumped out of the shower and quickly got a towel over my body. I looked into the big mirror in front of me and just stared at myself for a second. My  brown hair was ratty from not brushing it and my deep blue eyes stared at themselves back into the mirror.   And if I looked around my eyes, you could see the horrendous bags underneath them.

   I unlocked the door and opened it, scurrying in my bedroom.   My eyes caught Liam by the side table, reading a random book out of my book case. “Liam?” I said, his big brown puppy eyes looking at me. He noticed me being uncomfortable with him, while I was only wearing a towel around my waist.

 He jumped up with his eyes widening and hurried out of the room.

I finally got my clothes on, wearing tight jeans and a simple gray v-neck and sprinted down the stairs,  one foot lost balance of the last step on the staircase tripped on the last step and a pair of hands caught me.  It was Liam,  I had no time for this.  I got my grip out of his and saw my mother standing there with a plate of eggs, bacon, and toast. I signed and quickly grabbed just  the toast and sped off to get my shoes and backpack "I wuv ugh" I muffled through the toast.

 I ran to Liam’s van, feeling the Autumn air blowing on my face, and jumped in the van. Once Liam was about to open the door of his car I yelled at him, Jokingly , “Hurry up, you lazy boy!”

 I could see he was trying to hide the playful smirk on his face, and started going into the van, even more slow, which made me make a loud groan that the whole neighborhood could probably hear. He picked up his speed, got into the car  and started his car up. I turned on the radio and watched outside the window until school came.

 I took myself out of my daydream and saw myself sat in the car by school. "NO! I don't want to go.”

“You have to.” Liam laughed and combing his hand through his hair.

"Just come on."  I could hear the smile in his voice.

He  was ready out of the car, and being the little puppy that he is, walked over to the other side and opened my side of the car. “Shall we?”  he locked our arms together.

“We shall.”  I replied with a smile.

 Yeah, call me a klutz but I just tripped over my own feet, my own hands had been helping  me up instead of Liam.  He stood there with his hands in his pockets whistling a tune looking down at me.  I gave him a glare that said, “Do you know you could help?”  I could actually keep that in my head.  He ain’t no puppy.

I dusted off my jeans, along with my shirt.

     I came into the school with Liam, and went off to my locker, I put in my locker combination and opened my locker and got out my stuff for 1st Period, Social Studies. “BRING!” the bell rang.

 My legs ran I fast I as could, forgetting about Liam standing next to me, and got to my class.  I opened the door and everybody's eyes were on me. “Well, what do we have here? Louis? What are you doing here so late, you’re always in class on time.” Mrs.Brown questioned me.

“Sorry Mrs.Brown, I guess I couldn’t get all my stuff in time.”

“That’s okay, I won’t mark you down as tardy. How about you sit by the new student. Harry, can you raise you hand please?”

 I looked over to the boy who had his hand raised hand and he was absolutely mesmerizing.  His hair was a brown and curly, with his back hunched over as he looked at his paper, then to me.  And his eyes, his eyes, God, his eyes. They were a beautiful green, I felt like I could drown in them. Though he looked like he didn’t want to be in the class.  I realised I was staring too long, and could feel the heat rush to my cheeks.  I walked to my seat and heard a “Hi.” from him.

“Hey.”  I said, my cheeks slowly coming back to their original color.

The conversation got awkward so I got off into daydream, not listening to anything Mrs.Brown was talking about.

After school, I got out and met Liam sitting on the curb. “How’d your day go?” he asked.

I looked back into 1st hour,  Harry, he was beautiful.  “Louis?”  a hand waved in my face.

I jumped up and let out a “Huh?”

“You left me for a second, Just wanted to know if you were OK.” His face worried looking.

“No I just met a guy today.”  My lips turned into a smile.  Liam’s smile widened even more.  

"Oh my god! What did guys talk about?”  

“Well, we didn’t talk, except for a Hi, but I sat by him in first period.”  His smile dropped .

“What? Come on, why didn’t you talk to him?”  Maybe because I was embarrassed. The way my cheeks were burning of bright red and I looked down the whole time, I must of looked shy. See this is why no boys even take a chance to talk to me.

“I don’t know, it was awkward.” I said, finally taken out of my horrible trance.

“Well come on,”  Liam got up and dusted himself off,  “We should drop you off now, I have band practice in a hour.”  Liam helped me up and we got in the van, and started to my house.

When we got to my house there was an unfamiliar car parked in the driveway. What?  “Who’s is that Louis?” Liam asked.

“I have no idea.” I replied.

I got out of the van and grabbed my backpack. “Bye, Louis.” I waved.

 “Bye Louis, I’ll see you in school tomorrow.”

“OK.”  I shut the door and headed for my front door.

My house was ordinary looking with it’s pale yellow color on the outside and the bushes or colorful flowers right by the porch. The grass was green as it could get and the house was a two story house with a basement. And of course this house had it’s up and downs.

 I opened it and yelled while continueing going into the living room,  “Mom! Who’s car is that in th-” I cut myself off seeing my mother with two people in the room.  

I noticed Harry right away, so the women next to him must have been his mother. “Hey Harry.” I said slowly to him.

Then mom spoke up, “You two know each other?”

“Yeah, we sit next to each other in first period.” Harry put in.

 “Oh,” my mother said, “Well this is Harry’s mother.”   She motioned to a women in a simple black dress that went down a little past her knees.

  I noticed everyone was dressed up, Even Harry was in some nice pants with a dress shirt on.  “It’s nice to meet you.”  I said in a sweet voice.  

“You too.” Harry’s mother replied.  

My mother then spoke up, “They’re are new neighbors Louis, so I invited them over for dinner.  Oh! that reminds me since were all dressed up, I hope you don’t mind of putting some clothes that could fit this dinner.”

  “Ok, I’ll be back in a couple minutes.”   I went upstairs into my room, and opened my closet door and found a buttoned up white shirt and kept the same pants on. I hurried out of my shirt and slipped the other one on .

I went downstairs,  smelling something delicious.  I went into the dining room and saw my mom and Harry’s mother in the kitchen, so it was just Harry and I  in a seat.  I slipped into the seat that just so happen to be across from him.  “You look Handsome Louis.” Harry said, light blush coming up to heat his cheeks.

“Thanks, you too.”  A blush now rising to my cheeks.  I grabbed my napkin from the table and messed around with it until everybody was in the room and sitting down,and our mothers came into the room with a pot of Spaghetti. Everyone’s face turned into delight as we all took turns getting it.

The dinner was fine, everybody ate, and had small talk here and there.  But nobody actually had a conversation, well I didn’t. I stared at my food the whole time, I had no idea what was going on. The air was thick, and I bet everyone could sense it, that’s why I was scared to talk.

I was working on the dishes when my mother  started talking,   “I’ll get it from here honey, you go talk to Harry, I think he likes you."

  My mother winked at me and I could feel heat rise in my cheeks for the billionth time today.

I came out of the kitchen and saw Harry sitting on the couch in the living room, staring off into space . “Hey Harry.”   I walked next to him and  waved my hand in front of his face.  

Harry’s eyes widened and jumped out of trance.  “Oh god,  Louis, you scared me.”

 “Sorry.” I giggled, then continued talking,  “Do you maybe, want to go outside, on the back porch?” I was hoping Harry would say yes, I would really want to talk to him more.  

“Yeah, That’d be nice.”  He said and flashed me a smile.

 Relief rushed over me, my hands weren't shaking anymore, and I felt like that he must want to to talk to me too.   I headed towards the back and slid the glass door open for him and I.  We got out and he slid the door shut behind us.  I wandered over to the cushioned seat and sat down.  Harry was still standing up so I patted the seat next to me,  “You can sit you know.” He chuckled and went to sit next to me.

 We sat there for a couple minutes in silence, with me looking about, trying not to notice the tension in the air and him trying  to put him arm around me, but I didn’t tell him that I noticed,and before I realized I had my head on his shoulder and his arm was around me.

“The stars are beautiful tonight.” I said in awe. I looked all around and it made me feel magical, the night was dark but the stars lit up everything. “Yeah, they are”  Harry said.  “It feels really nice out” Harry nodded his head and turned to look me in the eyes.  It was dark out but I could still see his eyes piercing into me, making me feel weightless. “May I?”  I already knew what was going to happen.  I was nervous, he was looking at me and expecting me to lean in. God, what if I mess up? I’ve never done this before. I took deep breaths hoping he wouldn't notice it and closed my eyes for a couple seconds, and reopened them.

I nodded and we both leaned in, he closed his eyes and I did the same.  Our lips met, he was soft and warm, tasting like Mint gum.  His hands came to my face, cupping his hands around my cheeks.  We separated and looked back to the stars until, we heard our mothers asking for us to come in. They came out of the sliding glass door and stared at us cuddled up. We quickly came apart and both of us blushed and stood up. “I was coming out here to tell Harry we have to go, But I guess we could stay longer if you want Harry.” His mother said, winking at him, and making him blush even more harder. “Um, I-I guess that’s fine, But only if Louis wants me too.” Harry looked panicked, thinking that I might say no.

“I would love for you to stay.” I said in a whisper, smiling softly at him.

Harry eyes stared into mine and his lips turned into a soft smile back.

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