Hansback and the Murder on the Train

Cases have been solved, but by who? Hansback is a secret detective. No one has ever met him. In fact, no one has ever seen him. A young man of twenty, Hansback is always ready for a mystery. Join Hansback, as he finally is recognized as a detective, but under the name of Carl Jr, as he finds himself stuck on a train, in the middle of a murder. No secreter than Hansback, is the man, only known as X. The muderer.


5. The Night of Murder

The train had provided an after dinner magic show, but Hansback decided to skip it. He would rather think about the mystery. Gone was Hansback peace and relaxation hopes, but he found himself enjoying the mystery. Of course, it was because he was a detective, and he loved nothing more than a good mystery.

Hansback decided to make a list about what he knew.

1. Mr. Mystery has done something against X- maybe sent him to jail for twenty years 

2. Possibly owns a jewelry store ( or in the past)

3. He is scared of something

4. He is very secretive

5. He is a well dressed man, but not flashy

6. He had a low husky voice

Hansback stared at his list and shook his head. Nothing that would help his investigation. Nothing at all.

Everything he knew led him to one conclusion. He had no good clues. The clock struck ten and Hansback decided to retire. He knew that a brain thought better after a good night sleep. 

His last though before going to bed, was I know tomorrow a good clue is going to pop up. But little did he know, what would pop up. Better yet, what would not pop out...

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