Summer Love

(My very first movella!) Kat and Kyle knew another since third grade, then they started dating once they started fith. Kyle is the schools football captin, and Kat is the cheerleading captain. It's the last day of school and now summer's starting...


1. Don't Get In His Business

-Kat's POV-

"Kyle!" I called out, "Where are you!?"

"RAH!" he grabbed my waist trying to scare me.

"You can do better than that."

"Well, I tried..."

I cut him off, "I'll beat you to my house!" I took off in the direction of my house, he ran after me. Before I knew it, he grabbed my waist pulling me back. "Kyle! Stop! I wanna get home, and plus it's starting to rain."

He put his jacket around me.

"Now your gotta get soaked..."

"I don't care, all I know is that I'm keeping you from getting wet."

"Your sooo sweet!"


We walked up to the porch. He opened the door for me. Then we walked up to my room. We sat on my bed and opened our science books to page 107.

"What's the difference between unfrasonic and ultrasonic waves?" I asked Kyle.

"Umm... I dunno," he replied.

"You need to try."

"I thought you were my girlfriend, not my mom."

"I know, but you really should try."

"You know wha- I'm just gonna go."

He grabbed his things and walked downstairs. I followed him, but once I got there, the front door slammed shut.

"Woah, did that just happen?"


-Kyle's POV-

When I was walking home, I was thinking about what I did. I love Kat, but she just cares too much. I walked into my house, my younger sister Gabriella is sitting on the couch, texting and calling her friends, like usual.

Gabby is thirteen, so yeah, she mostly talks about her life, her drama, etc. It bugs the crap out of me.

"Hi Gab," I said, and walked into my room.

"Sup KJ," she said, walking into my room, and sat down beside me.

"Get out," I replied, giving her the I'm gonna kill you look.


"Bye Brat!" I yelled.

I shut my door, turned off the light, and fell asleep.


-Kat's POV-

I hate everything right now, I screamed into my pillow. I took a shower already, and right now, I'm going to bed. 


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