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How can you fall so hard for someone when you know they will hurt you? When it comes to love, Gabriel will do anything to keep him. He's her one and only, but that will change when she finds out a secret he's been keeping for a very long time... Too long for Gabriel. Will she accept his secret or will she decline every ounce of love she has left for him?


5. School Time

Harrys POV

When I woke up, I see Gabriel sleeping next to me with her head on my lap and her legs scrunched up. She was so cute when she slept.

"Shit!" I blurted out, ashamed that I woke Gab's up. "What is it, Harry?" Lou said tiredly. "Doesn't Gabriel have school in like half an hour?"

"Yes I do! I need to get dressed!" She ran upstairs and changed quickly. She didn't have a book bag so she just carried her binders and stuff to school. (The only reason she had her binders and stuff in the first place is because she had homework)

Gab's school outfit:

As she is walking downstairs, my eyes widen and my jaw drops in how beautiful she looks.

"Let's go guys! Why are you just standing there? We have to go! Can't you hear me?" She says as we all stare at her in amazement.

"You look hot! And gorgeous!"I say confidently, yet still blushing. She also blushes.

"Wow, Gab's! You dress up REALLY nice." Lou said.

"Are you sure you're allowed to wear that at school? I mean, you are wearing fucking sky high stilettos for bloody sake!" Zayn says shocked at how beautiful she looks.

"You look great Gab's. You should wear that more often!" He looks her up and down. "Definitely!" I give him the death glare and he puts his hands up in defense.

Niall just keeps looking her. Up, down. Up, down. Up down. He just won't stop will he. Gab's slaps him across the face, even though it probably felt like a poke to him, she probably used all of her strength. Which, I could tell, she looked pretty strong for a girl at 14.

"What was that for?" He yells at her so loud, she stumbles and I quickly catch her to make sure she won't fall.

"And what was that for! Huh, mate? Answer me!" I say yell right back at him. Gabriel runs out the door and Lou goes out there to calm her down.

Gabriels POV

"And what was that for! Huh, mate? Answer me!" Harry yells right back at him. I run out the door and Lou comes out to calm me down.

I was balling my eyes out. It was embarrassing, but atleast I had waterproof makeup on. 

"Sh-sh-sh-sh. It will be alright. Niall didn't mean it. I guess he got mad because you gave him a good, hard, slap in the face. He deserved it. He shouldn't be looking at a 14 year old like that. It's alright Gab's. You know we will be here to protect you, okay?" He tells me reassuringly.

"Okay. Can I go to school now? I only have 15 minutes left to get there."

He nods.

We all get in the hummer. It was huge and had a sunroof. I got to school and they parked and dropped me off. They all said goodbye except Niall. Harry opened my door after getting out of the drivers seat. I saw my friends waiting for me.

I was about to walk away when Harry suddenly grabbed my wrist and spun me around to face him. He put one hand on my waist and the other we held hands interlocking them. He leaned in and slowly, passionately kissed me. I pull back, "Harry that was my first kiss."

"Good. Then I got to you right on time. I'm happy to be your first." He kissed me passionately again for about 5 more seconds and let me go to my friends.

They looked really pretty as usual when I saw them. Their names are Marissa Giamportone, Anna Candage and Emily Hawkins.

Marissa's School Outfit:  - Classy

Anna's School Outfit:  - Badass

Emily's School Outfit:  - Sweet

Hi my fellow readers :D

If you want to, you can pick between Zayn, Louis and Liam for a boyfriend

Also, you can pick to be one of the friends and I will change their name for you!


Send description of you, hair and eye color, boy you want and which girl

Badass, Classy, or Sweet


Love you all so much


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