Working with the enemy

Vanessa is a 19 year old, she's a hairdresser, hates one direction, she hates boy bands full stop. Her little sister is obsessed with them which annoys her, but what happens when her bestfriend makes her go to one of their concerts and what happens when she gets offered a one in a life time opportunity that involves her hateful boyband.


11. Rules

I walked to work as low profiled as possible, i tried to cover my face as much as possible with some sun glasses and a fedora hat, luckily no one has recognized me. I walked into work and sighed in relief, unlucky for me I'm all over the magazines and twitter, I'm named 'the mystery girl' the name's cool but the fact i have to hide now is pretty annoying. I walked into the dressing room and the boys furrowed their eyebrows at me. "Who are you? no fan's are allowed backstage" liam reassured. I took my sunglasses off and hat. "It's me you dumb ass" they all started laughing. I walked over to zayn and he pulled me into a hug and kissed me, which sort of turned into a make out session. "Guys, please get a room" louis threw a cushion at us which hit me on the head. "Louis, my hair" i whined. "Oh lou my hair" he mocked me. "Shut up" We sat around in the chairs waiting for paul to come in and tell us what we need to do today. Ans just then he barged in with an angry expression on his face. "Guy's, i'll be back in to tell you what the plans are for today in a minute, Vanessa can i speak to you a minute?" he asked, he looked quite scared. I walked out of the dressing room and followed him into his small office. "Take a seat" i did as he ordered and started to fiddle with my fingers. "I'm sorry to say this and i really don't want to but Vanessa, you're fired" he spoke calmly. I looked at him as my mouth formed an 'O' shape. "What? why?, is it because I'm not good enough because really i will get better i swear" my legs began shaking, i can't loose this job, i really can't it's literally my career now. "No, you're great it's just we've seen the newspapers about you and zayn dating and it's against the rules Vanessa, you can not date a client, we are sorry, if we found out about it sooner we would of maybe kept it confidential or made you guys split up but it's too late, everyone knows and i'm afraid you need to go, i'm so sorry V" a tear left my eye, i can't believe this, it's all my fault for falling for zayn. "It's fine, it's not your fault Paul" He hugged me as i couldn't help but cry, i know it sounds stupid but this was the best opportunity i have had and now everyone knows about my reputation now with dating a client i won't get one like this again" "I'll go get my things and leave" i faked a smile and left his office. My mascara was probably smudged everywhere by now but i couldn't care less. I walked into the dressing room and grabbed my things, the boys stared at me worried. "Babe, what's happened?" they all came over to me asking question's i avoided them and faked a smile. "Guys, i'm fine, i'll see you all later" "babe, you have work?" zayn grabbed my arm trying to pull me closer but i pushed him away. "Sorry not now zayn" i half smiled and walked out of the dressing room, i guess that's the last time i will be working here again.

Zayn's POV

I was so worried about Vanessa, why was she so upset, I've never seen her like that before and it broke my heart. Paul walked in and smiled but we all knew it was a fake smile, just like V's when she walked out. "What the hell's going on Paul, what's wrong with Vanessa?" i asked, the boys all giving each other confused look's. "She's been fired" he said whilst looking to the floor. "WHAT? WHY?" we all shouted in unison. "It's against the rules for a worker to date a client, we should of told you, and if we knew about zayn and Vanessa sooner she wouldn't of got the sack, but since it's all around twitter and the magazines we had no choice" I kicked the couch. "This is all my fucking fault, she got sacked because of me UGH" i started getting angry and punching everything i saw. Paul grabbed my and calmed me down. "Paul, she was the greatest stylist we have ever had" harry spoke" "yes she might of been but this was not my choice, it was the governors, they had to" "I need to go and see her" i spat. "You can't you have rehearsals, you will have to wait zayn, I'm sorry" i sat down on the couch and bit my nails like i always do when I'm pissed off. "Now, this is your new stylist" and in walked a women, she had brown short hair with glasses, she wasn't attractive at all, not like i cared, all i wanted to do was go and see my girlfriend. Paul walked out leaving us with the new stylist. "I'm Rebecca" she smiled. I faked a smile along with the other guys. This is going to be a long fucking day.

Vanessa's POV

I sat in the small coffee shop sipping on the coffee whilst looking out of the window. I began to tap my fingernails on the small coffee table repeatedly. Every time i thought about my job, well my old job i tear up, how could this even happen, they never told me the rules when i started and they should of told me that anyway. I felt some people around me but ignored it, probably just some person wanting to get my number or something. "Hey..bitch" i heard a raspy voice. I looked up and saw at least 4 girls watching me, let's just say, they did not look happy. "Excuse me, do i know you?" "you are the mystery girl, the girl going out with our man" i rolled my eyes, i can't be dealing with zayns fan's right now. "I'm not with zayn sorry" "We don't want zayn, we want to teach you a lesson and stay away from our man" my eyes widened. "How old are you?" "17" I tried to ignore them and looked back towards the window. "Listen to us you ignorant slag" i would of punched her by now but she's under 18 so i would of got in trouble. "That's it" i heard them all say in anger. One of the girls held onto my hair making me turn my attention to them. "Let go of me" i spat. they smirked and before i could react they smashed my head against the window of the coffee shop, my vision went blurry and i fell to the floor, i saw the girls running away and people crowd around me just then my vision turned black.

Zayn's POV

After rehearsals we began to get changed in the dressing room whilst listening to the radio. "Breaking new's, a disturbance took place at starbucks coffee shop in the middle of london town today, 4 girls were seen abusing a young women making her knock out onto the floor, but this young women wasn't anyone, she was reported to be the mystery girlfriend of zayn maliks" i looked at the boys and they looked at me. "VANESSA" i shouted and me and the boys ran out of the building and straight into my car. Why would some girls knock her out? "Zayn, what if some fan's did this to V?" niall panicked. "I hope fucking not" i spat. We soon arrived at the hospital and i ran through looking for Vanessa's room.

Once the doctors told us her room i saw her, she had bruises on her face and a huge bandage wrapped around her head, she was as pale as a ghost and it broke my heart seeing her like this. The guys were all upset and worried too, we sat on the chairs around her bed as i held onto her hand tightly. The doctor attached a tune on her hand which went along her arms. "How bad is it?" i asked. "Well she hit her head really hard so she may not wake up for a couple of day's, luckily it's not major injury, she has a few bruises along her face but she was lucky the people who did this didn't kill her, if they would of smacked her head more than once there was a possibility that she would of been in a coma" a tear left my eye, i looked at the boys to see them staring deeply at Vanessa. "Why won't she wake up yet though?" louis asked. "Well she must of been upset before or worrying about something to make her sensitive which also effected her as she got knocked out" i nodded whilst rubbing her pale hand with my thumb. "When will she be released?" "well once she's woke up we will have to do a few tests then take it from there" "those girl's are not going to get away with this, no one hurts my girlfriend" i spat. "I'm going to find them and get them arrested, they deserve to be locked up for along time after this.







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