Working with the enemy

Vanessa is a 19 year old, she's a hairdresser, hates one direction, she hates boy bands full stop. Her little sister is obsessed with them which annoys her, but what happens when her bestfriend makes her go to one of their concerts and what happens when she gets offered a one in a life time opportunity that involves her hateful boyband.


12. Rest

Vanessa's POV

I lay in the hospital bed looking up at the wall, i get released today, thank god. I still can't believe some of zayns fan's would do this to me, even though zayn said they weren't fan's because if they were they wouldn't of hurt me or his feelings, luckily the girls have been tracked down and are being punished for what they have done, unfortunately they are getting a lot of hate on twitter for it all, but i guess it deserved them right. The doctor walked in with some papers which i had to sign. "Okay miss Evan's, you are free to go" she smiled and walked out of the room, i got up from the hospital bed and grabbed my bag with some of my belonging's in. When i walked outside the wind hit my body hard and it honestly felt great to be out in the fresh air, zayn couldn't pick me up or any of the other boys as they have a busy schedule. I walked home as it was only 10 minutes away from the hospital. "Vanessa, vanessa, how does it feel to get released from hospital after a few stressful day's, are you okay now Vanessa?" Paps came surrounding me with their bright flashed camera's which was honestly killing my eyes and was not good for me as i had just had a head injury. "Leave me alone please" i demanded and walked away, they obviously didn't give up that easily. "How about the fan's that did this, what do you think of them? apparently you were zayn's stylist before all of this, vanessa vanessa" i couldn't stand it. "Just leave me the fuck alone please, i've just come from the hospital after having the worst 3 day's ever, i don't need stupid paps asking me question's everywhere i go, it's non of your god damn business, just leave me alone" i half shouted and began to run away from them.

I walked into my house and expected to find my parents here..great no use, even though they are away i would of expected a small quick visit from them to see if i was okay..not even a phone call. i ran up to my bedroom and shut the door. I took and deep breath in then out and burst out crying, i couldn't stand it, i had been waiting to cry since i was in the hospital bed, it's all been too much, getting fired and then getting beat up but some silly girl's..I flopped down under the covers of my bed and closed my eyes, maybe if i stayed in bed for a few hours, or even day's, i will forget about it all, it's not like i need to get up for anything now anyway, i haven't exactly got a job.

Zayn's POV

Me and the boy's were in my car excited about seeing V, we were listening to the radio when i heard Vanessa's name being mentioned. "Vanessa Evans, zayn malik's girlfriend was seen shouting at some pap's earlier today" then we heard Vanessa's voice. "Just leave me the fuck alone please, i've just come from the hospital after having the worst 3 day's ever, i don't need stupid paps asking me question's everywhere i go, it's non of your god damn business, just leave me alone" I looked at the boys as they looked at me, we need to hurry to V, she's probably so angry or upset right now.

Vanessa's POV

I opened my eyes and heard knocking on the door. i got up from my bed and grabbed my phone, only to find i had about 7 messages from zayn. 'answer the door, me and the boys are here' oh so that's who's at the door..i immediately text him back. 'i want to be on my own zayn, I'm sorry' i threw my phone on my bed and noticed the knocking had stopped so i went downstairs, maybe it's a good idea to have a hot chocolate and watch some film's on my own, best way to forget everything that's happened anyway. "V, open the door" i heard a shout, what the hell, i thought he went. i walked to the door and opened it. "Zayn, i just want to be on my own" he ignored me and walked in. "The boys have gone home and i wanted to see you" i rolled my eyes and caught him staring into my eyes. he walked closer to me and held onto my waist. Just looking at him brought back everything, a tear escaped my eye but soon enough zayn wiped it away with his thumb. "Don't cry babe" i put my head down in shame, i just feel so worthless now without a job..sounds stupid but i don't care, it's true. He hugged me tightly and i dug my head into his chest. "If you want me to go i'll go V" he spoke but i grabbed his arm and pulled him onto the couch and grabbed a blanket to put over us. "Let's just watch movies together" i smiled, he kissed my head as we began to watch a movie.


hey guys sorry its a little short, and a boring chapter, sorry x










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