There was this one team name the green bay packers and they have a bad season but they made it to the playoffs in 2011 can the packers win the super bowl.


1. Packers season

They was this team name the Green Bay Packers and there are now 1-3 the packers was sucking but can the packers turn there season around to be the best team in the NFL.  The Packers was facing the Chicago Bears and this was the packers 5 game of the season ever though it was early in the season the Packers had to win or the Packers was in trouble. It was the end of the 1th half and the Packers was winning 35-10 in the 2th half the packers just pull away from the Bears and it was the end of the game the Packers won 46-10 the Packers season is still alive. It was the 6th game of the season and the packers were 3-3 the packers are back in it but the packers lost the 6th game 26-10 the Packers are 3-4. it was the last game of the season and the packers had to win so the packers can go to the playoffs and the Packers were facing the Bears and the packers win so the Packers went to the playoffs. The packers beat the Eagles and beat Atlanta and then they had to face the Bears again for the NFC Championship and the packers won so the packers are going to the super bowl. It was the day the packers vs the Steelers what a game it was and the Packers won the super bowl and the MVP was Aaron Rodgers what a game it was.

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