This is me

So this is gonna be like my journal. It will probably be random and stuff but oh well.


1. January 16, 2014

So I dunno why but I've been feeling really depressed lately. I honestly don't know why. Maybe because it's winter and I'm tired of freezing my butt off? But I've just really been wanting to talk to someone about it, but I'm not that kind of person that will flat out say what their feeling.

So I went to the store yesterday, where my friend works, and she didn't even notice I was feeling down. But everything ended up ok. I saw this kid I knew from school. We were friends last year but we hadn't talked since last year. But I saw him and he asked me how I was and I was like "oh I'm good". He looked right at me and said "no your not, tell me what's wrong". I'm sure he has no idea how much that meant to me. I'm still feeling a bit down but at least someone noticed it.

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