Gwen moves to New York and seems to be liking it. Her world turns upside down when she meets Peter Parker and tries to find the secrets he's been hiding from her and the world. She not only gets saved, but meets a masked vigilantly that goes by the name of 'Spider-Man'. Deep inside, she knows she has feelings for him, but won't admit it. Spider-Man has feeling for her as well, but how can he be with her without putting her life in danger?


1. Chapter One "Who is he?"

Gwen's P.O.V

He sat in the desk behind me, he was shy, and very secretive. Nonetheless I was curious about him, he had a darker-brown hair and Hazel eyes that were always hidden. He gets picked on a lot by Flash Thompson, I noticed that since I just moved here to New York.

I'm going to say hello today, I kept telling myself through biology. We were learning about spiders, gross; so I liked to think about something else.

The final bell rang and I closed my textbook and stood up. I turned around to see no one. "Where'd he go?" I quietly ask myself. That was the last class and I really wanted to say something, I'll have to wait until tomorrow.

I walk out the door and turn the corner, I see Flash picking on him again, the next thing scared me, he quickly whirled around and pinned Flash to a locker. A small crowed gathered around, silent from shock and disbelief. He let Flash go and walked away, head down.

Something's wrong.

He walked right past me, and I was too scared to say something. I took a deep breath and slowly let it out. I put my book in my locker and walk out the front doors. I remembered I was applying for an internship at Stark Industries and I was practically jumping for joy. I could barely manage to find my way around New York, it's so big...

But I finally found it. I walked inside the front doors and a lady was at the front desk.

"Hi, um, my name is Gwen Stacy and I'm here for the internship." I say. She nods and types something on her computer.

"Mr. Stark will be right with you,"' she says and gives me a small smile. I had to wait there for a while, but it's all worth it. About 3 house later I was finished with the interview and overjoyed that I got the internship. I walked out of Stark Tower and noticed the setting sun.

I had to get home, fast.

I fast walked down the busy sidewalks and worry about if I won't get home on time. A hand grabbed my arm and another covered my mouth so I couldn't scream. The man pinned me against a wall and pulled out a black gun. I could feel the cold metal of the gun barrel press against my head.

'This is it....' I thought. I closed my eyes tightly until the gun barrel was taken of my head. I heard people fighting, but I didn't dare look. "Hey!" The mugger yelled.

"You okay?" Someone unfamiliar asks me. I slowly open one eye to see someone is a skin-tight red and blue suit right in front of me. "Ahh!" I yell and press myself against the cold, brick wall.

"Hey, hey, it's okay," he assures putting his hands on my shoulder. "Now are you okay?"

I nod, not sure and who he is. "I'm...I-I'm fine," I say. I wish I could see under his mask, it was a longing tearing at me.

"Good," he says jumps on the wall and climbs up. Climbs up. Climbs up? How can he-? I watch him swing away in awe.

I wonder who he is....?

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