My neighbor was Liam Payne



2. Liam where are they ??

Its already Sunday morning and cherry has been going crazy around the apartment!

She gets one thing then puts the other thing down. Picks up another and puts two other things down.

I already have everything packed and ready to go! I picked out at least fourteen outfits to make it even with the seven days of the week, have my necessities, a bathing suit and picked out a few more shirts just incase I change my mind and yeah I think I'm good.

Cherry comes down the stairs with her luggage which is bigger then her! Probably weighs more then her!

I begin to laugh at her because of the fact that she is struggling and how she scrunches her nose and narrows her eyebrows coming down each step she's taking.

I honestly can't wait to see Liam.. Even though we were so young we were the best of friends! We told each other everything, we had each other's backs, and there wasn't a day we didn't spend together.. Wow now that I think about it, I really do miss him.

I jumped at the noise of cherry throwing her luggage down the stairs, taking me away from my thoughts.

I narrowed my eyes at her, she knows that's how you ruin the wooden floor, but she obviously doesn't care.

Just as I was about to say something she butt in, 'Well I'm ready to go Jules!' She sits right next to me on the sofa, 'Wait.. how are we getting there?' She looks at me frowning her eyebrows.

I honestly didn't know myself now that she asked.

'Mhmm, I don't know. Let me call mom because she did all the stuff for us, I just gave her our credit card numbers and anything else she needed..' I pull out my phone from my bag and begin to call mom.

She didn't pick up? I frown my face in confusion. Mom always picks up her phone. Just as I was going to call her again I get a text from her.

*MOTHAHHH <3*: hey sweetie, i cant talk rite now. im at work but a cab driver should be coming to pick u & cherry to go to the airport. liam said there rite in miami so your flight wont be long! be safe & i love you girls very much..xoxo..

Wow I thought I was going to have to leave my car at the airport. Thank God for mothers! I wouldn't know what to do without her.

I look back up to cherry but she was no longer in my sight.

I called her name and she was upstairs still sorting everything out.. This is going to be a long week.

I hear the doorbell ring and check threw the peep hole just incase and mom was right it was the cab driver.

'Cherry! Come on we are leaving now!' I scream as I walk out the door. The cab driver being polite asked to take my bags but I give him a simple no thank you and a smile.

Cherry comes out the door and the cab driver does the same to her as he did to me, ask to take her bags. Without a doubt she hands them right to him.


As we arrive to the airport Cherry won't stop talking about how excited and nervous she is at the same time! I can't handle it anymore so I put my headphones in and turn up the volume.

We are are now waiting impatiently for the airplane to arrive so we can get on!

My phone vibrates, thinking it was my mom to wish us a safe trip for the twentieth time, it was a random number..


'Do you guys think I should text her?' I ask Harry and Niall but there to busy on there phones to answer me!

'Helloo??' They both look up from there phone and face me.

'Thats better. Alright should I text Juliet or should I just wait till she gets here with cherry?' I want to talk to her so bad! She was my first friend! Ever! I hope she doesn't think it's awkward around me or even being with the lads..

'Yeahh.. Why not?' Niall says while laying back in the chair.

Ok why not? Let's text her!

*JULES (BFF)*: HEYY JULIET ! ! ! It's Liam ! I can't wait to see you! It's been SOOO long since we've talked or even seen eachother but call me when your here so the lads and I can come get you, yeh?

As I press send I leave the phone in my hand just incase she replies.

'Well this is going to be a fun week isn't it?' Harry tells me and lightly laughs throwing himself back into his chair as well.

'Yes Harr, it's going to be a fun week.' I begin to rub my palms on my thighs, 'let's make sure not to make it boring please..' I ask them as nice as possible because sometimes the lads don't want to do anything at all!

'Of course baby, whatever you want.' Harry now making jokes, and he blows a kiss at me!

We all started laughing and my phone vibrated. My screen lit up with her name. I slide her message so I can read it, hopefully she doesn't think I'm weird for getting her number from her mom.

*JULES(BFF)*: OH MY GOODNESS LIAM :D Hey !!!!! I can't wait to see you either, and of course I'll call you when we get there (: I've missed you! But I'm getting on the plane now so I'll call you when I get off! Bye :D

As I read it, I felt a buzz in my stomach, but a good buzz!

'Look at Liam!' I look up at them while Harry points at me, he and Niall are laughing there faces off at me, I don't understand why?

'Hey what's so funny?..' I tell the lads as they try to catch there breath. There annoying..

'Harry caught you smiling down at your phone, while you were reading Juliet's message!' Niall says and his laugh echoes throughout the room.

'It's not like that guys!' I whine a little bit but I couldn't help it, 'I miss my bestfriend.. And I finally get to see her! Even you guys get to meet her' I reach my hand out to them, 'she's awesome. I can't quite remember cherry because she was younger than us but if she is related to Juliet then she'll be awesome to! I promise..' I look at them with a kind heart and they both sigh.

'Alright Liam sorry for making a little joke, but you were smiling at her text!' Harry reminds me but I'm not bothered.

I smiled for a reason.

'Alright whatever..' I don't want to talk to them anymore there getting aggravating.

I began to look at the picture of the three of us. Cherry was in just pampers with her hair sticking out in every direction, I laughed at it haha. Then we have Jules in her panties and a light pink tank top, she loved the color pink! Everything in her room was princesses and pink everywhere. Her curly hair was pulled back into a tight pony tail. And then me in pampers as well and a tee shirt.

'Lads look..' I turn the phone to them and show them the picture I got of us from her mom the other day.

'This is cherry, that's Jules and that's obviously me.' I point each of us out to them and they get a good look, Niall squints his eyes and response to the picture with a mhmm, don't get why ?

'Cute!' Harry tells me and looks back at his phone.

Niall turns to me as I quickly text back Juliet and put the phone back in my pocket.

'So you were nine when she left and she was...' He waves his hand in the air trying to get the best guess, 'six? Yeh?' He looks back at me wanting an answer.

I quick chuckle escapes my mouth, 'No I was eight years old and she was seven, I'm older..' I explain to him and I catch Harry interested in our conversation now.

'Ohh ok I got it now. So she's.. Nineteen right now?' Niall asks me with confusion.

'Yeah I think so her birthday from what I can remember is in June or July, and cherry was a year younger than us so she's probably eighteen right now..' I pout my bottom lip and shake my head up and down giving confirmation on my words.

Harry elbows on his thighs and his left hand under his chin hold up his face, 'Mhmm..'

'What?' He's planning something for them I know he is.

'When they get here we should get them flowers or teddy bear or something, I don't know.. it would be a great way to start of the week for them!' He puts his hands in the air as if the was the best idea ever and lays back in his chair again haha.

'Yeah I wouldn't mind getting them that,' Niall speaks up and shakes his head, 'Liam what chocolate is there favorite chocolate?' Niall ask me as if he's knows them!

What the heck?

'No lads, I'll get them the chocolate, the teddy bears and the flowers..' Why are they acting like they know them ? Haha

'Woah woah woah..' Harry waves his hand in the air, 'I had the idea of getting them a gift when they get here!' He's on his two feet now looking down at us with his hands on his hips.

It's a funny view from where I'm sitting right now haha.

'Alright if you guys want, you can get them something I don't care, just not something stupid they won't like..' I lay back in my chair seeing Harry's dick was just a little to close to my face haha.


'Alright guys there at gate 22, let's go.' We've made it to the airport, now just waiting for them to arrive.

Louis asks the man at the desk how much longer the wait was gonna take, he responded with, 'they should be here any minute now, just please be patient sir, thank you very much and have a wonderful day' he smiles at Louis and he walks away from the man.

The plane just landed and we all go to the front of the gate so I can spot them as quickly as I can before people start to notice that were here.

Everyone is already off the plane..

Jules and cherry are no where in sight though?

'Where are they??' Zayn asks me shaking his poster around in the air ready to meet them.

'I don't know? This is there gate so they should be getting off this plane..' I tell all of them. What's going on?

Louis goes back to the man at the desk and begins to talk him.

He comes back and rubs his hand on the back of his neck, 'Lads this is the plane but I don't know where they're at?' He looks at me and I start to get worried..

We all sit down on the chairs, why aren't they on the plane? Did she miss her plane? She couldn't.. She said she was getting on the plane in the text message. So where is she?

'Your welcome.. Don't worry about it, it was my pleasure...' We all look up at the voice and it was Juliet helping a man on a wheelchair, no wonder she took so long!

She's gives him a pat on the back and waves bye to him with a smile on her face.

She turns to cherry for her things, the both look lovely..

Juliet's changed! She was a brunet when she left and now she's a blonde! Her hair is even curlier than I imagined. I love it! It really brings out her personality, like she wouldn't be Jules without her curly hair. She had a baggy plain black tee with some ripped skinny jeans and black and white converses. She had on a really light pink lip stick on.. I guess that's still her favorite color? Haha.

Cherry on the other hand still had her natural hair color with two streaks of red on the sides by her ears. Her hair was straight.. It looked very nice. She had on a white tee shirt with some capris on and some dark green toms.

They have different styles..

I call out to them and they both turn around in our direction.

I tell the boys to stand up quick with the stuff and the signs they brought for

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