Love Story

A heart capturing book based on the famous love story of Lily and James Potter.


9. Qudditch Brochure



“Has this trip exceeded your expectations of how you pictured our honeymoon?” James asked Lily. They were sitting on a small patch of grass under a big tree, nibbling on some cheese and biscuits.

“It has more than exceeded my expectations, I would have never dreamed that we would be here together, you don’t look like a Paris loving kind of guy.” He smiled at her with eyes full of love, there was something new there since they’ve been married, something almost like pride. He was proud to having her as his wife, she was the love of his life and now she was his.

“Would you be alright if we left tomorrow then, now that I know you have had fun?” Lily understood that James didn’t have the money to continue their get away for much longer so she agreed. 

“That sound fine to me” She said, suddenly longing her soft pillows and puffy duvet at home.

“Last thing on our agenda,” James announced, bouncing up from the ground and helping Lily to her feet, “is to visit the art gallery.”

So that evening, they got dressed up to visit a fancy art expedition with special guests and live artists painting on canvases. When it reached 3:00, they arrived at the entrance and were greeted by an amazing sight. The Louvre was impressive, with a triangular glass room surrounded by water, placed in front of a gigantic stone building. It was so big and grand that it took Lily’s breath away for a second. 

James lead Lily inside and they spent a while studying famous pieces of art, getting lost in the maze of corridors. There was such detail in every piece and every canvas had its own story. Van Gogh liked to use thick strokes that made no sense when observed up close but as soon as Lily took a few steps back, the layers of paint formed a stunning painting that was mesmerising.

 They found a section of the museum that was extremely crowded; people were all bunched up to take a quick look or a snap on their camera of this piece of art work. Lily was quick to guess that it was the all so famous Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci and she was indeed correct. She couldn’t believe how old, preserved and small it was, compared to how she had imagined it.

“I think it’s time to head back to the hotel.” James put his hand on Lily’s shoulder and tried to steer her away from the artwork. It was 9:00 pm and she was getting rather tired too.

“Ok.” Lily whispered back then followed James as they retreated back to their suite. Lily considered packing for the trip tomorrow but was overwhelmed by her tiredness and fell into what felt like a deep sleeping coma.


James was not in bed beside her when Lily woke up, her instant thought was that he was down stairs at the breakfast buffet preparing to leave. Once her eyes had adjusted to the light in the room she realised that she was no longer in her lavish suite in Paris, but curled up under her amazing duvet at home.

“He really, really needs to tell me when we are apparating!” She murmured to herself angrily. She jumped out of bed and rushed down the stairs to make sure she wasn’t hallucinating. A wave of dizziness passed over her so she seated herself on the kitchen stool. Lily made a self-note not to get up so fast next time. She sat there for a while longer until the kitchen stopped spinning then spotted a note on the fridge in James’ writing.

Dear Lily,

Sorry that I didn’t give you much warning, but I thought that it might be nice for you to wake up in your own bed. I have just gone out for some extra Qudditch supplies and will be back for breakfast.

Love you, James xxx

She took the note from the fridge and realised that there was a Qudditch brochure underneath. It was an international Irish game that would be held over the weekend and she thought of how much James would be longing to go.

There was a light knock on the front door; Lily answered it to find James standing on the front porch with a bunch of white roses held in one hand.

“And what have I done to receive the pleasure of these roses?” Lily asked in what she as hoping was her most posh voice.

“You have given a certain gentleman the world and beyond.” He replied in the same voice.

Lily found a large glass vase hidden away in a cupboard and filled it with the roses. She then went on to cooking up some eggs and bacon while James fiddled with the Qudditch brochure.

“I need to tell you something.” James said suddenly.

“Fire away!” Lily said enthusiastically in the middle of tossing the bacon in the pan.

“I’m guessing you’ve seen this?” He asked, indicating to the brochure. Lily nodded in time to the music on the radio. “Well it’s the match of the year, Ireland vs Germany and I think we should go together.” He said hopefully.

“I knew you would want to go but so soon after our honeymoon?”

“Why not?” Lily passed him a plate of breakfast but he refrained from eating it until he got an answer.

She considered this for a moment, “I guess it would be pretty fun…”

“You are a beauty you know?” He grinned and tucked into his bacon and eggs, “Sirius and Lupin will be there too, we might be able to arrange seats together if we’re lucky.”

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