Love Story

A heart capturing book based on the famous love story of Lily and James Potter.


12. Love at First Sight

The score was 200 - Germany and 50 - Ireland. James and I make our way back to our tent. A sense of disappointment spread through the atmosphere. "Well that was a good game!" I say trying to brighten the mood, "At least it didn't go for more than a day." Qudditch matches were known to go for either a few minutes, a few hours, or even a day or two. It usually depended on how fast the snitch was caught.

It didn't take very long packing the tent up. With the flick of my wand it had disappeared into my pocket (yes, it could fold that small). We said our goodbyes to everyone and the trip home was in an instant.
We enjoyed the next week with a silent peace. I would read a book and James would either be out with his friends, or home cooking the next meal. The following Tuesday we were still in bed when I heard a knock on the front door. "You get it!" I say with a grumble. "You get it!" James replies with a dead tone. I get up and quickly slip on a dress. When I answer the door I find Sirius standing in some reasonably fashionable clothes for a man.
"Good morning!" He says chirpy and steps inside without invitation. "Is James awake?" He asks. "Umm he's still asleep." I say still not understanding why he is here. Sirius runs up to our bedroom and jumps on top on James. "Ouch!" He says, "What was that for?" Then he turns around and opens his eyes "Sirius?"
We all sit in the living room with a cup of hot tea. "So what's the good news?" I ask curiously. He looks up with a smile, “I’m in love!” He says to our surprise. “Ok, I really don’t believe a single word that just came out your mouth! Have you taken any love potion lately? Honestly…you think you would have learned your lesson!” James says with a sigh.
“I haven’t taken any love potion James” Replies Sirius in a serious tone, “I am in love with Francesca Bruno!” He announces. “Ok now I really don’t believe you!” Says James in disbelief, “She really wants you if she keeps on feeding you that stuff!”
“James you have to believe me! After I did take that love chocolate, I wanted to find out who Francesca is, so I visited her house yesterday. She has the face of an angel, with long brown hair and chocolate eyes. James, you have to believe me!” Sirius says pleadingly. Even I have to admit, he doesn’t seem to have any of the side effects. “Lily?” He asks. I nod, “James I don’t think he’s under influence!”
“Fine,” James gives in, “Bring her over for dinner tonight and we’ll see.” So that night James and I were busy setting the table and lighting candles all around the house. I spent a few hours dusting, vacuuming and cleaning while James went out to buy the wine.
There was a knock on the door for the second time today. I went to open it and saw Sirius in a clean shirt and denim jeans. Next to him, was a pretty girl with long wavy hair that reaches to her hip.



Hey guys! Sorry for the late update, I have been a little busy at the moment! Please make sure you check out my best friends page *Liz* and read her amazing book 'Veracity'!

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