Love Story

A heart capturing book based on the famous love story of Lily and James Potter.


1. Last School Memories

The last day of school always seems frantic, no one can concentrate on their work as minds always drifted to the ever so anticipated break. All the Gryffindors were extremely excited, especially the year sevens who would be graduating that evening.  Lilly looked up from her book, wondering how seekers could keep their eye on the snitch when it buzzed around like a dart. She saw James from the corner of her eye, with an airy smile she continued reading, lowering her head so that it was hidden behind the book, James crept up behind her and lightly kisses her right cheek, his messy brown hair getting in the way of his hazel eyes. Lilly closed her eyes, imagining a life with James without the constant pressure and demand of school.

"What are you up to Lill?" he asked looking almost interested. Lilly grinned and without a word showed him the cover of her book that she borrowed from the library, determined to finish it before the day was over. On it read 'Qudditch through the Ages'.

"So you thinking of joining the Irish are you?" James asked teasingly, squeezing her shoulder lightly.

"No, just trying to boost my knowledge so I can beat you this summer." she said mischievously, she desperately wanted to reach up and pull his lips down on hers but that had to wait until the day had passed. 

Sirius emerged from the boy’s dormitory along with Remus, both looking deep in conversation which had to be impossible if you had ever heard the things they talked about. Sirius whispered something in Lupin’s ear, pointing towards Lily and James with a smirk plastered to his face.

"Wanna come down to the lake James?" Sirius asked, "We were about to throw Mrs. Norris in the water! You know... as a farewell surprise for Filch."

James bounced to his feet, "Sounds terrific, that cat needs someone to put her straight." he turned his attention back to Lilly, "I'll see you in the Hall." and gave her another quick peck on the cheek.

Once they had left, Lilly rose from her chair by the window and made her way towards the library. The corridor felt colder than usual and it sent a shiver down her spine making the hairs on her arms prickle. It was only until Lilly glanced behind her that she realised she had walked straight through Sir Nicholas, who was having a what looked like a delightful conversation with one of the ladies in a large portrait, he didn't seem to notice anything. 

There were not many people in the library, everyone seemed to be basking in the sunlight outside enjoying the sun that rarely made an appearance. When Lilly looked up she saw Severus on the other side of the bookshelf staring at her. She walked over to his side, his expression didn't change, he looked troubled and dazed, "Hey Sev, what are you doing here? I thought you would be packing for France." his parents had been saving for what seemed like a lifetime for this trip, they worked  hard to give Severus an adventure he wouldn't soon forget, rewarding him for his excellent grades in school.

"Yeah was cancelled" he said simply, but she could tell there was another reason, she had known him since she was first accepted into Hogwarts, there was nothing he could hide from her, "Come on Sev, tell me!" 

He was quick to change the subject, "So what do you see in that Potter boy? All he does is hang out with a bunch of losers and casts jinxes on kids in the hallway." Severus held a disgusted look.

He saw the hurt on Lilly's face and his own face fell, "Lily I'm-"

"I thought you changed Sev! You said that Slytherin wouldn't have an influence on our friendship!" It was true, ever since he had been in Slytherin, he had become fierce and judgmental. Last year, he called Lilly a Mudblood and they went their separate ways for half a year, until Severus approached her in the hall full of pleading and hopelessness.

Lilly turned, ready to leave, she could feel the tears gathering in her eyes. Severus grabbed her wrist before she could take a step and she let out a small gasp, "Lilly I-" he hesitated, these things were the hardest to say, "I love you." These words sounded strange coming from Severus, Lilly thought. He rarely showed that he cared for anything.

"Severus." He looked down when he heard the tone of her voice, it was softer than it had been before but there was pity in it, he knew then that she would never love him the way he had hoped. He nodded his head, indicating that he should have known. He let go of her and walked away.

Just as Lilly stepped through the Gryffindor portrait hole, Professor McGonagall exited the  Common Room. "Oh Lily, I was just looking for you!" she looked half expectant, "Professor Dumbledore would like you and Potter to present an end-of-year speech for the graduates." her expression was kind, not stern as it usually was in class, "We will miss you dear."

"I will miss you too, this place has been my home for seven years Professor, and it always will be." Professor McGonagall looked proud, just like she did when a student successfully transformed a hinkypunk into a pocket watch.

"And yes Professor, I'm sure I can prepare a little speech, and James should be able to conjure one up I'm sure."

Her eyes were welling up as she left the professor, changing her route to the lake. When she saw James, she ran up to him and jump in his arms like a cat jumping a fence; he spun her round and round. When Lilly's feet were once again on the ground, he asked her why I she was so chirpy. 

"Professor McGonagall asked us both to present the farewell speech." She explained, talking him through how she had bumped into McGonagall. This was her opportunity to show Snape that James had responsibility and leadership for once. She held James' hand as the two of them walked back to the common room, discussing ideas for their speeches. They were soon greeted by Peter Pettigrew and Thomas Creevey, who were talking feverishly about decorating the Hall for the final feast. James looked like he was late for a rabbit's tea party and stalked off, down the hall, leaving her on her own.



Hey guys! I am going through this story and editing it. I'm gonna change it slightly so it sounds better and it will now be in third person instead of first. I will try and make these changes as soon as possible so  you can enjoy it properly. Sorry if this is an inconvenience :3

-Potterlove_070 xx


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