My new baby sitters

Zara is an ordinary 11 year girl who is living with her mum because her dad just recently passed but when Zara's mum move to Paris for the Christmas holidays Zara has to get a baby sitter little does she know that her baby sitters are one direction the biggest boy band ever, will she go fan girl read to find out


2. the news

"Zara,Tristan come down here please" yelled my mum "coming mum" Tristan and I yelled back "what is it mum" i asked curiously it was a Saturday witch means Tristan and i stay in our rooms all day while mum works out and none of us interact with each other "well kids I am going away a while so you kids are going to need a babysitter and I have already found you a baby sitter although it is not one, not two,not three but 5 baby sitters" as she said that the words '5 babysitters ran through my head' why would we need 5 babysitters are we really that bad i thought i then brushed it off 2 how------I was cut of by Tristan "how long are you going to be away for mummy" (Trstan is only 7) "well around 1 year I got a job as a host on a new show called Y factor it is the dancing version of X factor (a/n i just made that up) 

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