Help me lose my mind (Harry Styles)

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  • Published: 17 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 25 Feb 2014
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Vera Steele has called Broadmoor criminal lunatic asylum her home for the last year. Things in Vera's simple life change when Harry Styles a skinner of women gets admitted to her block."Talk to me and watch me crumble you will see me come undone faithfully I will look over there I’ll find what you’ve become"


9. Chapter 8.

Blood had seeped through my dressings so I was grateful when Theo makes a house call, well cell call and fixed me up again after my shower. Turns out being whipped like a little bitch can make you feel really sad. A feeling that Harry picks up on when I sit with him.

“What did they do to you?” He whispers bring me in to his body again. And just like the last time I sat there and cried into his chest. A few minutes go by and I feel another presents at the table. It is Theo.

“Theo” I smile and wipe my eyes.

“Hello dear, how is you um-“ Theo starts

“My ass” I finish. Theo nods

“Its fine, oh Theo this, this is Harry”

“Hello Harry love”

“Hello Theodora” Harry says sweetly. Why the hell do I feel like I am taking Harry home to meet my parents? I brush it aside for now.

“How was your day off Theo?”

“Well I slept in until ten. I made porridge for breakfast and did the dishes. I went to see my grandbaby for her birthday”

“Wait a minute” I cut in “You have grandchildren, which means you have a child. I thought you were you know a bit broken down there” Theo laughs at my shock.

“Jade was three years old when I adopted her. She is the most beautiful girl. She met her husband at work and married after one year. The next year little Jesy was born”

“Wow” is all I can manage. I am so happy for Theo that she did have a child even if it was not her own.

“You know Easter is this weekend don’t you Vera” Theo says and I nod smiling hugely.

“I should go” Theo stands and pats my head as she leaves. I look up at Harry my mood made so much better by Theo’s presents.

“Lets go have a super fun time and bake hey” I say my voiced laced with sarcasm.

The walk to the kitchen takes a few minutes. Tom and Steph let Harry and I walk together. The walk is silent but a few steps in and Harry grabs my hand. I look up at him and he continues to look forward with a smile on his face. I squeeze his hand and look back at Steph. I give Steph and holy shit look at this face and he gives me a thumbs up.



 In the kitchen Harry sits on the table and watches me work. It makes me feel a little self-conscious but also makes me blush at the same time. He is being very bold today I wonder what changed.

“Vera what do you miss most you know about the outside?” Harry asks

I smile and take a minute to think it over.

“I miss a lot of things. I miss my room, my friends hell I even miss school. But mostly I miss being treated like a normal person”

“Oh?” Harry questions wanting me to elaborate.

“When I first got here, my aunt who I stayed with while my father was deployed. She would come and visit. She talked to me like I was scum and complained about how people would treat her now. What the neighbours would think of her it was all about her. You are the only one who treats me like me. Even Theo is guilty of treading lightly because she remembers what I am capable of.” I am out of breath by the time I finish.

“I don’t want to bake anymore” I say and sit against a wall. Harry slumps down next to me. He places his arm around my shoulder and his head on mine.




I wake the next morning with Theo sitting at the end of my bed. I rub my eyes and sit up.

“Happy Easter beautiful” She hands me a hollow chocolate bunny and a small solid block along with a pound in change.

“No Theo I gave you this for the block, you keep it” I push the change back to her.

“Please” I beg, “I want it to come from me”

Theo nods and takes the money.

“I should get going love, make sure to keep it hidden” Theo kisses me on the cheek and leaves. I break the bunny in half and call for Steph.

“Here, this is for you” I hand him the small half. Steph take the chocolate and gives me a hug.

“See what did I tell you, me and you are friends for life now” I smile

“I really thought I could resist your charms” He shakes his head.

“What is the time Steph?”

“About four thirsty a.m.”

“Can you please take me to Harry’s cell?” I ask a sweetly as I can muster.

“Vera you know you are not allowed to be in there”

“Please, please, please” I whine.

“Fine but only for a few minutes”



“Moring sleeping beauty” I coo as I sit at Harry’s bed.

He doesn’t stir.

“Hello good sir”

Still nothing

“Harry Styles wake the fuck up”

Harry jumps up and rubs his eyes.


“No it Jesus, yes its me I have something for you”

“Oh really?” Harry says moving closer and running his hand down my cheek.

“Not that something” I swat him. “Here you dirty shit” I put the chocolate in his lap.

“Vera thank you so much babe, this is the best. Well second best.” He winks.

“Just hurry up and eat it so Steph can take the rubbish ok”

Harry nods and eats the bar in seconds. He gives me a chocolaty kiss on the forehead. He leaves his lips lingering.

“I have to go but I will see you in the lounge”



I head into the lounge and music is playing. The smell of cookies is in the air. Some people’s families are sitting with their loved ones. They are not really talking and it looks awkward but the thought is there. Harry is sitting at my table. Actually he is sitting at our table. When he sees me his eyes could light up even the shitty day outside. I get butterflies in my stomach. What the hell is he doing to me?

“Hey babe” Harry says as I sit at the table. Babe?

“Hi” I breathe

“So it looks like we are the only two losers in this place without visitors,” Harry observes.

“Not the only two” I motion towards David. Harry and I laugh at the old man jerking off in the corner.

“Come here” Harry motions the seat next to him. I sit in it and he pulls me closer so I rest my head on his torso”


Harry’s POV.


I don’t know why or how this happened but I love it when Vera is close to me. What the fuck is this girl doing to me? On one hand I think it is because she is the only girl in this place who I could fuck without feeling like I used her. But then I think it is because she might just be the most beautiful interesting person I have ever met. What ever the reason I don’t care all I know is I live for this stupid lounge just so I can see her. She is the only good thing in this place, the light within the dark.

An older man with a reseeding hairline walks through the door. He is waring ill-fitting dress shirt and pants. He is a stranger to me but the look on his face when he looks my way is one of recognition. The man walks towards me and Vera stiffens. She knows him.






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