May The Odds Be In Your Favor

Marcel. Cute, intelligent, neat and kind.

Harry. Hot,cheeky,flirtatious and stylish.

Edward. Sexy,bad boy, mischievous and playful.

Which one will you choose? Can't decide? That's exactly how I feel.


1. The Girl

Kat's POV

I looked in the mirror to check if I looked okay. My bleach blonde hair was styled into a messy bun and I was wearing black leggings with a black crop to and a jean jacket over the top that had leather sleeves. I was going to a party one of the boys at my new school was throwing. I decide I would make myself go. I had to. I'm eighteen and I should make some friends during my last year of school.

I moved to Holmes Chapel since my mother was getting remarried. My dad was happy with my decision since he had only seen me on the holidays since I was nine years of age. I had always had a good relationship with my dad but my mother took both my brother and I with her when she moved. He is older than me so he has already graduated and he is engaged to be married. I can't wait to go to his wedding and see him all grown up.

"Dad I'm going now." I said as I slipped my iPhone 5 into my back pocket. I walked out of my room and my dad was watching TV on the couch.

"Ok see you later Kat." My dad smiled at me as he looked over the leather couch. I ruffled his dark blonde hair and smiled back. "Oh and be back before twelve." He stated and I nodded.

"Bye!" I yelled as I went out of the door. I walked down the steps of the porch and I followed the path to the driveway. My fingers pressed the unlock button and the car beeped as it always does when someone unlocks it. I climbed into my car and I drove to the address that Rosie gave me. So far Rosie is the only friend I have made at school and she is really nice.

The drive wasn't too long to the house. There were multiple cars parked along the driveway and along the street. I found a space and parked my car in front of the neighbors house. The house was huge. I mean huge like a mansion. The doors were opened so I just walked in. There were people dancing and making out everywhere.

"You made it!" Rose laughed holding her red cup of alcohol in the air.

"Yeah I did." I said with a smile.

"Follow me." She slurred taking a sip of her drink and turning around. I followed her to a group of guys who were drinking and laughing. They also seemed to be worshipped by the other girls. Of course the populars.

"This is Harry he threw the party!" She told me with a sloppy grin. He took a sip of his beer and winked at me. His hair was styled into a quiff with his curls still showing.

"Well it's nice to meet you Harry I'm Kat." I smiled taking a beer for myself.

"Wanna dance Kat?" He asked raising one eye brow. Rosie furiously nodded at me and I just rolled my eyes and nodded.

"Why not?" I chuckled and took his out stretched hand. He led me onto the dance floor and 'Bass Down Low' was playing. The bass was turned up and you could feel the vibration in the floor. I didn't mind how loud it was but I probably will later on when I have a headache. I danced with Harry for a bit and then he started to grind on me. It's not exactly something I've done before so I'm not so comfortable with it.

"I'm gonna get another drink." I tell him whilst I showed him my empty beer bottle. He just nodded and kept dancing. I dragged myself out of the crowd and towards the kitchen. I got another beer but this time it was in a cup. I walked around the house I saw a few people I met at school and said hi. I felt pretty uncomfortable not knowing most of the people but it was time to make friends. I saw the back of a curliest haired boys throwing a Ping pong ball. His arms were covered in tattoos and I could they were playing beer pong.

"I'm joining!" I smiled as I walked over.

"Sure go ahead." Curly smirked as he looked at me. Ok what the actual fuck? He looks like Harry.

"Are you Harry's twin?" I asked although it was obvious. He just chuckled and took another shot.

"Your the new girl aye?" He asked as his friends started having shots. They all had tattoos and piercings. They weren't goth they were just the punk rock kind of style. It suited them.

"Yeah I'm Kat." I said a bit embarrassed at how obvious it us. He swung and arm around my shoulder and took a sip of his beer.

"Glad to meet ya I'm Edward." He sent me a toothy grin after he said his name.

"Edward. It's nice name." I smiled up at him chugging down the rest of my drink.

"Want another one?" He asked. I said yes and he got me another beer. We partied for a while and played beer pong with some chicks and his friends. After about 5 beers I started getting a bit loopy and dizzy. I had a headache from the loud music and there were sweaty bodies everywhere. I needed to get out of here. Some where quiet sounded really good right now. I saw the stairs and I ran up them. It was much quieter upstairs there were still people but they were just making out so there wasn't much noise. I tripped over someone's shoe and I hit a door. I looked at it and everything was spinning. I shook my head and regained my balance. My hand wrapped around the metal knob and I swung open the door. The room was neat and it had a navy blue color scheme. There was some books on shelves and there was little Star Wars action figures on a shelf. There were a couple of posters of movies like batman or man of steel. I saw a couple of tiny wooden creations. They looked oddly familiar but I couldn't put my name on it.

"C-can h-help you?" A voice stuttered from behind me. I turned around and there he was. Agian. But no curls. He was wearing glasses and a star wars tshirt with sweatpants.

"Your triplets?" I asked in a shocked tone. He shakily nodded with a light smile.

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