May The Odds Be In Your Favor

Marcel. Cute, intelligent, neat and kind.

Harry. Hot,cheeky,flirtatious and stylish.

Edward. Sexy,bad boy, mischievous and playful.

Which one will you choose? Can't decide? That's exactly how I feel.


7. The Date

Kat's POV

I was just about to leave to go to Harry's place when my phone rang. I quickly picked it up and placed it to my ear.


"Hello darling how are you? How's it going at dad's place?"

"It's good I've made friends here already and dad and I have done some catching up."

"That's good I just wanted to make sure you were okay."

"I'm fine mum I'm with dad not a stranger."

"I'm sorry honey I'm just worried about you."

"Mum stop worrying I'm not a baby anymore you know that."

"I know you are a big girl now."

"Anyway mum I have to go I'm going to a friends house."

"Ok hun I'll talk to you later then."

"Yep. Bye mum love you."

"Love you too sweetie."

With that I hung up the phone and made my way down stairs. My dad was on the treadmill running. The sweat was dripping from his face, I could tell he had been running for a while. I walked to the front of the treadmill and he stopped and took his ear phones out. "You going now?" He asked a little bit out of breath.

"Yeah I won't be that long though only a few hours." I assured him.

"Ok bye Kat." My dad gave me a quick hug and I was out the door. Harry and his brothers were all extremely nice in their own way but the fact that they didn't get along irritated me. More than it should have.

The ride to the Styles' house wasn't very long and I managed to remember where it is from the party.I pulled up into their car port and quickly made my way to the front door simultaneously knocking and kicking me shoes off. Within thirty seconds the door swung open revealing a grinning Harry. "Just on time." He greeted stepping aside to let me in.

"I'd hate to be late." I replied as he closed the door and started leading me towards his theatre room.

"Would you like a drink? Water? Soda?" He asked quickly.

"No, I'm alright for now thank you." I told him and he just nodded as he pushed open the double doors that led to the gigantic theatre room. "What movie shall we be viewing tonight?" I faked a posh accent mocking the elegance of the room as I sat on one of the leather sofas with my legs outstretched.

"Well I thought we'd watch the notebook but if you want to watch something else?" He suggested sitting next to me as he chuckled and flicked to The Notebook on the massive screen.

"First date and you already want to make me cry?" I laughed as I sat up straight and looked at the screen. I heard him laugh and I smiled at the fact that he found me humorous.

"I wouldn't call this a date." I felt oddly hurt how I had misinterpreted things and that was utterly embarrassing.

"Oh ... I didn't mean ... I just thought tha-" He cut me off not by words but by the look he was giving me. He was some what amused but smirking at the same time.

"On a first date I would take you out ... Somewhere fancy and elegant. I'd find out your favourite dish and order for you when we get there without you having to speak a word." He explain as he relaxed against the couch with his arm now behind me but his body was turned to face me. "Then we'd share a dessert, maybe at a cute ice cream parlour. And then I would take you to the beach.." I felt his hand push my blonde locks behind my ear and he started to draw patterns beneath the sleeves of my baggy white t-shirt. "We'd walk and ...and I'd make you laugh." In between pauses he would look me dead in the eyes then he adjusted himself to be closer to me. "We would spend an hour or so just getting to know more about each other then I would drive you home, walk you to your doorstep. I'd look into your eyes and I'd tell you I had an amazing time, I'd look down at your lips, your sweet soft lips. Then I would slowly bend down and place the softest kiss on your cheek, letting in linger. Leaving you craving more." As he finished his sentence he looked down at my lips and I was star struck, this boy knew how to charm. It was then that he leaned in, slowly, pressing his lips to my cheek and I could feel myself turn pink.

That's when he decided to pull away, just enough so I could see the small smooth and sly smirk spread across his sweet face. I stared at him speechless only for him to lean in and let his lips graze mine but I could tell he was reluctant. I allowed my hands to wander to his black Tshirt tugging him forward to finally connect our lips. It wasn't long until my legs were around his waist and my hands were in his hair. He was gentle and soft, somehow making the kiss much more intimate. I let out a low groan as our hips rolled together and he slowly pulled away panting.

"We should probably stop, otherwise I won't be able to control myself." He admitted sheepishly as he kicked his lips hovering above me. He pulled my up and flicked on the movie retrieving the popcorn and gummy bears from th table shortly after. "You know, I'm sorry if I seemed a bit straight forward with the kiss but I'm not usually like that."

"Well why are you now?" I asked throwing popcorn into my mouth.

"I guess you could say I was somewhat jealous of ... my brothers." He mumbled clearly not wanting me to hear it.

"Oh really?" I questioned feeling cheeky.

"Well you have been spending a lot of time with Marcel and no girl spends that much time with him. Not even our mother." Harry exclaimed as he was munching on popcorn.

"Everyone has some serious issues with me making a friend." I laughed as I grabbed the packet of gummy bears from him and rested my legs over his lap. "I mean what is so bad about Marcel he looks exactly like you but no one finds him attractive!"

"Well he's such a dork and he stutters when he talks to girl or even Edward." He argued chuckling.

"Give him a break!" We weren't even paying attention to the movie we were just laughing and bickering for a fair while. Eventually our thanks became toys as we threw them into each other's mouths. Eventually the movie finished and we hardly took notice as we were still deep into conversation.

"You know you are much more playful than you make out to be." He smirked at me as he put the empty bowl on the table.

"Well I'd hate to be boring."

"Trust me you are no where near boring." I could see him jiggle his eyebrows and I couldn't help but laugh at his childish actions.

"Well then I have achieved my goal." I laughed popping a few more gummy bears in my mouth. Harry tried to grab the packet of sweets from my hands but I instantly pulled it away. "Mine."

"So I go out and buy you candy and this is how you repay me?" He asked faking a hurt face trying to reach for it again. I jumped up and ran towards the door.

"If you want some you gotta find me first." I giggled like a little girl, running down the hallway trying to escape his heavy footsteps. I turned a corner not entirely knowing where I was going seeing as I hadn't had a full tour of the house. My first thought was to head down stairs seeing as I didn't want to bathe into anyone's room. I ran as quickly as my feet could carry me down the stairs and into what seemed like the living area. I quickly looked around trying to find a place to hide but before I knew it Harry tackled me onto the couch snatching the gummy bears from my grasp. "No!" I squeaked but his legs were pinning me down as he sat up and threw the last of the sweet treats in his mouth.

"Ha! I win!" He laughed as he swallowed them. I crossed my arms over my chest acting like a pouty child. "Oh come on there's more in the cupboard." He rolled his eyes but my face lit up as he dragged me towards the kitchen. I watched him slide open the massive pantry and his long arms reached for the top shelf pulling out a blur packet of gummy bears. I waited eagerly but he kept the packet dangling over his head.

"Please with a cherry on top?" I asked as he looked at me. He shook his head walking closer and I attempted to reach for the packet.

"Nah-Ah." He stated walking closer backing me up against the kitchen counter. "A treat for a treat." He said lowly as he licked his lips. His head dived down leaving me breathless as he placed a soft kiss on my mouth leaving me to forget about the treat and his hands made their way to my back as my snaked around his neck.

"Oh god Harry keep your little toy out of the kitchen." We sprung apart in realistation that Edward had walked in on us. He hasn't seem to notice who I was because he was too busy trying to find Aspirin in the cupboard. He seemed to have finally found them and swallowed two dry.

"Clearly someone's had a rough day." Harry laughed as Edward rubbed his temples. He turned around and he immediately frowned when he saw that I was standing next to Harry flushing red.

"Clearly you've had fucking great one." He snapped looking furious.

"Kat I'm really sorry but I think we have to cut our date short." Harry whispered into my ear and I nodded heading out of the kitchen towards the door. Harry quickly rushed to open the door and gave me a n apologetic look before placing a sweet kiss on my forehead.

"Thank you for tonight Harry."

Harry's POV

I closed the door once I saw she was down the street in her small black jeep. I shut the door and I saw Edward with the most furious look on his face I had ever seen. "Really Harry?" He growled stepping forward but I wasn't afraid of him, he was my brother and we'd never fought badly.

"She's not your property Ed." I spat warning him, tended to have 'his' girls not allowed to see anyone but him. General he went with low key rowdy girls that everyone left alone but this time he had his sight set on Katherine.

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