Invisible (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

He was like the moon, part of him was always invisible.


1. One.

Hey guys, so I was thinking of starting a new fanfic as I got bored with my other one and I  had no idea where that one was going to be completely honest. Hope you like this new one I guess. Thanks, spread the word about this one too!


Alannis' P.O.V

"Alannis, look at me." Harry demanded, I turned my gaze towards him. "I need you to do something for me."

"What?" I looked at him, teary eyed. The bangs from my locked bedroom door were getting louder and my legs were cramping up due to the fact that I was locked in a cupboard.

"Whatever happens after this I need you to go back to New York and forget about me. Go live your life, don't worry about me." He said, fiddling with his fingers and looking down.

"You know I can't do that, Harry." I said pushing his head up, locking his eyes with mine.

"But you have to, please Alannis." He said, using my full name.

"It's both of us or neither of us." I said just before I heard my bedroom door being smashed through, Harry clamped his hand over my mouth before I could scream.


*6 months before*

"Thank you for the help, Dallas." I said as my boyfriend put down the last box by the door.

"No problems babe." He said hugging me. "Alright, I have to go to work." He said kissing my cheek and walking to the door, I followed him and leaned against the door frame.

"Um, well, have fun at work." I half smiled, glancing at a boy maybe a year or two older than me unlocking the door across the hall. He fiddled with his keys as he glanced at me and I turned my gaze back towards Dallas.

"I'll text you babe." Dallas said turning around and pointing at me, I nodded then went into my new apartment, shutting the door behind me.

I looked at all the boxes stacked in the living area of my apartment, some on the kitchen bench, some on the couch and some over filled, stuff piling onto the floor. I sighed and started opening up boxes and sorting things into rooms, half way through un packing all my stuff there was a knock at the door.

"Coming!" I yelled as I was in the room furthest away from the door, I rushed through the masses of boxes, both empty and full and swung open the door to see the boy from across the hall. "Hi, I'm Alanna." I said holding out my hand for him to shake, he looked at my hand then ignored the gesture, looking around behind me in my apartment. "Hello?" I said waving my hands in front of his face.

"Harry, Harry Styles." He said blankly, I nodded and watched as he stood there looking around at my apartment.

"Excuse me? Are you planning to break in or something?" I spat, putting my hand over my mouth after I realised how impolite I was.

"I was gonna come welcome you but fuck off seriously." He snapped at me, his emerald green eyes turning a shade darker.

"So you welcome people by ignoring their polite gestures and looking around their apartment?" I asked him crossing my arms over my chest.

"I actually quite liked it when no one lived there and now I'm gonna have some annoying girl across the hall!" He threw his arms in the air and scowled at me.

"Well you're going to have to deal with it because I plan on staying for a while." I said to him.'

"Whatever." He snapped before walking across the hall and slamming the door. What a rude neighbour, I sure hope my other neighbours aren't like that. I locked my door and went back to un packing all my boxes.

*1 hour later*

I took out my letter for my new job telling me I had been accepted, I read through it over and over again. I had got a job designing album covers for artists when they create an album, it's pretty cool and it's a hard job to get into. You have to be a talented artist and I guess I am. I read the letter once again.

Miss Armstrong,

I am writing this letter to inform you that we have accepted your application for the job you interviewed for. You will be based in Atlanta, meaning you will have to find a place to live and transport to our building. Dress code is casual in your area so no need for dressy outfits. Directions to Steele publishing are on the paper attached to this letter, hopefully you don't purchase a place too far from your work place. We expect to see you Monday week at 9:00am, sharp where you will meet your fellow co-workers, manager of arts/financing and Mr Steele himself.


Odette Ledoux

Assistant of Lenard Steeled 


I looked at the time on my wall clock, 7:00pm. I walked to my kitchen and grabbed a microwave meal, simple dinner seemed good for tonight. I placed it in the microwave and heated up the meal, I sat in front of my television and flicked to the channel that F.R.I.E.N.D.S. was on, I quite enjoyed this show. I ate my dinner and laughed at a few quotes made on my favourite tv show until it got to around 9:00 and I decided that I'd head to bed. I got into some flannel pants and a tank and jumped into bed, turning on some tv for background noise and light as I slept. I fell into a deep slumber not long after.



I was awoken by some shouting coming from the apartment next to me, great, fighting neighbours. I wasn't having much luck with neighbours, was i? I checked the time, 7:30am. Good, I set my alarm to go off in ten minutes time but it didn't bother me that I was up for an extra ten minutes. I stumbled to my bathroom and turned on the shower, hopping in and letting the water hit my back and refresh me. I took a 10 minute shower and then dried myself, I went over to my cupboard and picked out some black leggings with a white baggy top, I put a silver necklace around my neck and then slid some bangles onto my wrists. I grabbed my flats and went to make breakfast, I walked to the kitchen while at the same time grabbing some stuff I needed for work. I prepared some toast for myself and watched the news as i ate before grabbing the directions sheet and m car and apartment keys. I locked up my apartment and took the elevator down to the lobby and walking out to my car. I unlocked it and got in the drivers side, throwing my bag and coat on the passengers side.

Once I got to Steele Publishing I got out my car and threw on my jacket as there was a light autumn breeze in the air, I slung my bag on my shoulder and walked down the path to the front doors. I entered the building and a lady with brown hair that sat just above her shoulders and she was typing away at her computer, I walked up to the desk and she looked up at me through her glasses.

"I'm guessing you're Miss Armstrong?" The lady said.

"Call me Alanna." I smiled at her.

"I'm Odette," She paused, so she's the one that wrote me the letter. "Follow me and I'll take you to see manager of arts and financing, Mr Clifford." She stepped into the elevator and I followed like a little puppy dog, she clicked the button for floor 11 and the elevator started moving. Once we got to the eleventh floor we stepped out of the elevator and she took me into an office by the elevator, a man with a flushed face sat at the desk reading away at a few papers. When we entered the office e turned his attention towards us, he stood up and held out his hand for me to shake I accepted the gesture and shook his hand.

"You must be Miss Armstrong. I'm Mr Clifford" He said to me.

"Please, call me Alanna." I said, smiling at him. Odette left the office and Mr Clifford took me out into the work place. He lead me over to a desk with a computer, printer and several other technology equipment. at the desk connected to mine, or across from me sat a blonde haired boy concentrated on his computer screen, diagonally across on my left sat a girl she seemed younger than me and she had brown hair that went down just past her breasts, she was scribbling down something on a piece of paper and on my left, connected to my desk sat another guy, he wore what you would call 'hipster' glasses and his hair was in a mowhawk type thing.

Mr Clifford left and the blonde boy looked up for his computer and smiled at me, I put my bag down and smiled back.

"Hey, I'm Niall." He said to me.

"I'm Alanna." I smiled.

"Nice to meet you. This is Cher." Niall said referring to the girl next to him, diagonal me, she looked up and nodded at me while smiling. "And that's Jay, he's too gay to function." Niall laughed, Jay looked up and gave me a hug.

"You need to stop quoting mean girls, Niall." Jay said looking at Niall, I could tell what Niall meant by Jay's feminine voice. Niall giggled and looked back at me, swiveling his chair to the finance side of the eleventh floor. He pointed to the four desks closest to us, one of the desk no one seemed to be at.

"That one there is Damien." He said pointing to guy who was fair attractive, blonde hair and blue eyes.

Damien must have heard Niall because he looked up, "Hey." He said shooting a smirk my way. I could feel myself blushing a bit.

"That's Jacqui." Niall said pointing to more of a middle aged lady tapping some numbers on a calculator. 

"She's old enough to be my mum." Cher whispered making us all laugh.

"That's Kiara." Niall said blushing a little.

"Aka Niall's love life." Jay whispered.

"Is not!" Niall protested, by now he was bright red.

"We all know you like her Ni." Cher said.

"You're blushing like crazy! It's obvious." I laughed as Niall crossed his arms over his chest. We all laughed together and even Niall joined in a bit.

"Styles! You're late, again!" Mr Clifford said as a recognisable face walked in, oh great. Fucking great.

"And that's Harry." Niall said leaning back in his chair.

"I know, we've met." I said through gritted teeth.

"You have?" Cher choked.

"He's my neighbour, my very rude neighbour." I sighed.

"That's Harry alright." Niall laughed getting back to his work.

I smiled to myself and watch as Harry plonked himself down into his chair, trying to gather all the papers flying off his desk. I giggled to myself until Harry caught my eye, my face dropped as he smirked towards me.

"What's so funny Alanna? Huh?" He said sitting back in his chair, clicking his pen.

"Um nothing." I said getting onto the first design of the first album cover I had to do. It was only a small band, not the most well known. I looked at their requests written down on the piece of paper and I logged int my favourite editing app that was downloaded onto my computer, I first scribbled down a couple designs on a couple pieces of paper until I liked one and then i got it done on the computer using the colours they were asking for. I finally finished and saved it in my documents and then I printed out a copy and went to show Mr Clifford.

I got up out my chair and headed towards Mr Clifford's office, the door was shut but the walls were paper thin in this place and I heard pretty much everything. It was Harry and Mr Clifford talking.

"One more late day and Mr Steele is gonna fire you Harry." Mr Clifford raised his voice.

"You know that won't happen." Harry chuckled to himself.

"It will, Harry! I'm serious, Steele will fire you!" Mr Clifford said.

"You know he won't do that, I'm Steele's best accountant! If it wasn't for me he wouldn't be this big, Paul!" Harry said using Mr Clifford's first name.

"Just get out of my sight." Mr Clifford said, the door swung open in front of me and Harry's white button up shirt had the sleeves rolled up and his curls were an unruly mess.

He smirked at me as he brushed past me and I entered Mr Clifford's office.

"I've finished my first album."

"You're a superstar, Alanna.


Okay, Sorry that the first chapter isn't very good. Twitter was distracting me a lot because this semi famous guy agreed to marry me and i went psycho hahaha. Like, comment feedback, share this story around. Fan me. I know where I'm going with this story so yaaa. Ily all.


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