Wildly Innocent

Natalie was an average goody two shoes. But when her friend convinces her to go to a party, she gets to wild. After missing her period the next month, she knew she was pregnant. Will she keep the baby? Who is the father?


3. Chapter 3

"Are you ok?" A British boy asked me.

I opened my eyes to see blurry images.

I didn't want to wake up but I forced myself.

Where's my dad?! I pushed my self up and got up.

I felt pain in the back of my head but was so eager to find him.

"Hold on! Let me take you to the nurse!" He yelled at me.

I didn't bother to look back.

I suddenly feel a presence behind me an someone turned me around.

The British boy again.

"You're hurt. Let me help you." He looked straight into my eyes.

I looked away and didn't respond.

He tried making me feel better by holding my bag but pulled it back on my shoulders.

"Can you leave me alone?" I beg him.

He looks down at his feet and turns around in the direction of his next class.

I felt hot coffee spill all over my shirt and face.

"AHH! HOT! IT'S HOT!" I scream.

He looks back and realizes he accidentally dropped his hot coffee on me.

"Oh my god! Are you ok?" He asks me.

I look at my blouse and see coffee all over it.

I give him a dead stare and continue to wipe myself with my gym shorts from my bag.

He hesitates and finds a piece of paper on the floor.

He begin to help me wipe my shirt but as he got closer to my chest I pulled away.

He looks as my face as if I snapped him out of a daydream.

I leave to get to class but still have a headache from before.

Then thinking of my class, I remember the presentation of my essay.


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