The 55th Hunger Games

Whisp Rivendell, a spunky girl from district 2 was first noticed as a child working in the factories. She one day got fed up with the peace keepers watching her and killed one that was about to whip her. the children in the factory cheered. But the peacekeeper army at district 2 didn't. Her sentence? death, but her family begged the head peace keeper until he raised the punishment. The Rivendells thought the worst was over but it only had just begun. that year at the reaping there was only one name in the girl's reaping bowl. It was Whisp's. Happy Hunger games! and may the odds be EVER in your favor!


11. Golden Streets

   I'm placed into a world unlike any dream I've had. The streets glitter, people smile, people dance. Everybody is dressed in white and glows brighter then the sun. I can't help but smile as music seems to ring throughout the place. I spirit is lifted and I burst into a dance with a group of happy people. Well, more like angels. I spin and stomp my feet. I clap my hands and laugh feeling absolutely free. There is no more pain here. No more worries. No sadness. I wander through the sparkling streets. greeting people with smiles and laughter. There is no need to discuss where I am, I know where I am. I run down the street and stop in my tracks. "Mason!" I yell and Mason comes running to me. We throw ourselves into each other's arms and refuse to let go. I know this world is safe. its warm. There is no cold winters. There is no pain. The land lasts forever and everybody smiles. The forests are beautiful and mason makes me daisy crowns. I don't need to worry about my family. They know i'm safe and sound.


  The treetops glisten with sunlight as Mason and I run through the woods. In a clearing we laugh as we tackle each other. "This is perfect." Mason says kissing me on my nose. "It is perfect" I say kissing him back. "There is nothing else I would ever want here." He says looking at me with those eyes of him. And there we lay. Hand in hand. Without worries. Without pain. Without the games.


Deep in the meadow, under the willow
A bed of grass, a soft green pillow
Lay down your head, and close your sleepy eyes
And when you awake, the sun will rise.

Here it's safe, here it's warm
Here the daisies guard you from harm
Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings them true
Here is the place where I love you.

Deep in the meadow, hidden far away
A cloak of leaves, A moonbeam ray, Forget your woes and let your troubles lay
And when again it's morning, they'll wash away.

Here it's safe, here it's warm
Here the daisies guard you from every harm
Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings them true
Here is the place where I love you.



Whisp's family is okay and they go back to work. But they do not live in fear because they know their daughter is ok. Mason's family is ok as well because they know they are both together. The boy from district 11 wins but returns home and wastes his money. District 2 is now defending themselves from peacekeepers and is known as a rebellious district. Whisp and Mason live forever on the sparkling streets, they play in the golden sun. And Whisp never frowns again.



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