Harry Potter's kids and the wizard's grave

Albus and James Potter go to hogwarts where they find evil lurking


1. the train ride

         "I'll have some chocolate frogs please," I said my new robe getting in the way.

         "Hurry up Albus, I'm hungry," James complained.

         "Here you go," I gave her some money and she handed me the chocolate frogs. I tossed one to James as I entered our car on the train.

         "Thanks little bro," James said as he opened the package to find the card.

         " Dumbledore again!" James exclaimed

         " I got dad again, that's the seventeenth time!" I said. "I wish we got some rarer cards," two people hurried by.

          "Yeah that would be nice," James replied, just as a cat jumped down from the small shelve on the top part of the car and hurried into the next car. 

           "You see that cat?" I asked 

           "Yeah, but I didn't see it come in," James said. Just then two boys around Albus's age came in 

            "Have you seen a cat run through here," the taller one with brown hair said 

            "Yeah, it was hiding up there," James said as he pointed up to where the cat was hiding. Two girls then came into the car one hasn't changed into her robe she had light brown hair and was wearing a pink shirt and light blue shorts, the other girl had blonde hair and glasses her skin was more tanned than the girl not in her robe. 

            "Tommy, did you find my cat," the girl with light brown hair said

            "No , sorry Emma," Tommy said. "looked all over for it," At that moment a loud boom sounded and the train stopped abruptly. 

             "What was that?"


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