Love At First Sight

What happens when a girl who gets kicked out of her parents house,moves in with Harry Styles and his mates?Love?No one knows.Will she even stay?

Well this girls name is Amanda.But u have to read the rest.


1. Seeing Him

Hey I'm Amanda Diaz.Im 19 years old,have brown hair,I have grayish greenish eyes,and my parents just kicked me out cause I have to learn responsibility and how to life on my own.But there's one problem,I HAVE NO WHERE TO LIVE!

Amanda's POV:

I walk to the park a couple of blocks away.I sat down on a bench and began to cry.How could they do this to me?!Im their daughter,how could they just kick me out like that?!?All of a sudden I hear footsteps come towards me but I don't even bother turning around.

"U ok love?"I raspy sweet voice asked me ,I turned around and my eyes were still blurry from all the crying.For a minute he actually looked like Harry Styles from One Direction.Great,I have no were to live and I'm imagining things.

"Oh sorry,I didn't introduce myself, I'm Harry.Harry Styles"The handsome man said smiling."Did,Did u just s-say your name was Harry Styles?"

"Yup,that's right.Now wats your name?"Harry said

"Amanda.Amanda D-Diaz but my friends call me Amy"I tried saying but i was still crying."Well then Amy,Why don't u tell me wats wrong cause I hate when a pretty girl like urself cries"Harry said wiping my tears with his thumb making me smile.

I tell him wat had happened with my parents and me not having anywhere to live."Well u could stay with me and my mates if u want"He said exitedly.

"But I don't even know u"I say confused that he would ask me to stay with him and I've only know him for 20 minutes."How about we go get some coffee so we can get to know each other"He stood up and grabbed my hand and pulled me up front the bench and grabbing my bags.

Harry Styles actually wanted to get to know me?

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