that one crazed fan

after the concert was over on person caught my eye. glasses crazy messed up hair braces she look like a nerd but something told me I need to look out for her....


1. goodnight

Marley's P.O.V

OHHHH! how I love one direction  so much, I wish I could kidnap them and they would be with me forever I squealed. "Marley you couldn't do that, they probably wouldn't even like you, look at you! we are at the bottom of the popularity list no one really notices us." complained Carra. I look in the mirror in the bathroom and took a good look at my self. plain colored shirt and a plaid skit with black leggings and white Velcro shoes and messy brown hair . ugh Carra's right no one notices me I look like im five in a 14 year body I probably need to upgrade my wardrobe. a couple of snotty cheer leader girls walked in and started to  laugh. "Who let the clown out of the circus" said one checking her hair in the mirror, "I don't know but really does she know what she wearing?" said the red headed one, and spat at my feet. they walked out giggling and gossiping. " ugh! HOW I HATE SCHOOL" I screamed I started to cry but then the dismissal bell rang and I was happy to be leaving. and school was over.

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