I Kidnapped 1D

The story is about a girl who gets excited of meeting one direction as she meets them the boys dosen't know there going to be kidnapped but along the way one of the boys find a brighter side of the girl by falling in love with her even though she kidnaps them.


1. Going to a One Direction Concert and Rule Making

  It was an afternoon and I went to a one direction concert. I went backstage to meet Harry,Liam,Niall,Zayn and Louis. I was watching every step and snap! I catched them with my bestfriend Kimberlee. All the boys were yelling no please let us go we got more fans to meet. April said no you are in my demand now whatever I say you go with it even though you don't like it. Then April called the cab and went to a dark forest with a lonely house with nobody in it. April and Kimberlee pushed them through the door and tied their foots to the bed and April said: Listen now these are few rules you should follow:


Don't talk to me when i'm singing


You do anything I say


Compliment my clothes and makeup


Don't flirt with me

Rule 5

Follow my rules and I don't have tie you outside to the tree

and that's it follow them  starting now

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