A Divergent fan fiction about 5 teenagers from different factions where they don't belong. Discovering something at their aptitude tests, they devise a plan.....


3. Candor

"No." I say in a clear, totally-not-lying voice and try to sidestep my older sister, giving me the stare they teach us here. It makes most people uncomfortable.

"I saw you, Alex!" Kim protests. She's right, I did sneak out last night. After growing up in Candor though, I know how to lie.

"Where did you see me?" I asked, giving her the stare back. I can do it so much better.

"Outside the room, heading towards the Hancock building." She said matter-of-factly.

"Kim, I seriously was in my room. I got all my homework done I'll prove it. She couldn't argue with that.

"Alex.....you can just......you are most pathetic little girl I have ever met. Worse than Christina." She scoffed and stormed away. I tried not to gasp. No one ever says Christina's name anymore, not in Candor. And my sister just said my cousin's name like she didn't lie and then leave us. Never mind her, I'm no little girl. I'm almost as tall as Kim, and she just called me a-

That was when the PA system announced I was going to be questioned under truth serum at 4 o'clock.

"That snitch....." I seethed under my breath as I strode down the hallway.

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