It is hard enough being Factionless but how much harder would it be if you were just a child. When Lottie's parents are killed in a fight she is left Factionless, but will she be able to survive on her own in the baron wasteland of the Factionless.


1. Lottie and her family

 Lottie is the kind of girl who knows what she wants even though she is only 6. She has long fair blonde hair and bright red eyes which is a strange colour for your eyes. She is small for her age and looks about 4 instead of 6. Lottie barely ever changes her clothing but then again there is no one to buy her new clothing since the accident. Her favourite outfit, if she had to pick between the few she owns, is a bright blue dress that hangs down to her skinny knees and glimmers in the occasional sun. She used to live where she was born in Amity but now she is Factionless.

Lottie's mother was called Damanii. She had long brown hair that hung in waves down her back and bright green eyes. She had freckles covering her cheeks in a perfect symmetrical pattern. Her lips were constantly pursed in a bright red line. Lottie's mother always wore a practical flowing red skirt and a yellow blouse with pretty yellow sandals to match. She always wore her hair in a wavy high ponytail tied with a small red ribbon. Lottie's mother was born in Amity and it was Amity that she stayed marrying Lottie's father when she was 18 and had Lottie when she was 20. She was only 26 when she had the accident.

Lottie's father was called Talon. He had quite long brown hair that nearly touched his shoulders and bright blue eyes, so no one knew where the blonde hair and red eyes came from. He had freckles dotted all over his face like an abstract painting and he had a permanent scowl positioned on his face. He was born in Abnegation but at the choosing ceremony he chose Amity where he met Damanii and they had Lottie. He always wore a red checked top and a pair of yellow skinny jeans with red trainers to match. he was 20 when he married Damanii, 22 when they had Lottie and only 28 when they had the accident.

Lottie had always been an only child, she might have ended up with a brother or sister if it hadn't been for the accident. She had barely known her parents before the accident as she had only had six years with them but she was still more heartbroken than shocked when she was told of the accident. What hurt her most was that no one cared they just made her Factionless and that was that. Lottie didn't want to even think about what would happen in the other factions if the accident happened especially since Amity is the peaceful faction.

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