Snowfall sometimes beautiful and at other times can be winter mess. Nature's fury or glory.


1. Snowfall

The light soft sound of snowfall

white pollen showers from sky flower,

green Ferns adorned in snow stars,

gentle wind humming soft tunes,

Nature drenched in cold beauty.


Milky snow layers the earth cake,

topping the sky creamy white;

earth and sky hand in hand,

white garments draped all over.


Silver snow in blue river waters,

pearls and sapphires in moonlight

fun and frolic in clusters together:

a cool setting for sweet romance.


Snow, in sugar piles and soft butter mounds,

a cold kiss, planted on hard hearted rocks

the white blanket spread over vulnerable roof tops,

and tree maidens hidden in snowy veils.


A winter mess on stormy night,

beauty and purity in aesthetic thought;

all in sunlight, a lovely sight,

Nature glitters white and bright.


Nature's fury and glory,

a reflection of life's philosophy;

sorrows and joys stick together;

It's just the angle we choose to look at.


'Prosperity is not with out many fears and distastes;

and adversity is not with out comforts and hopes.'







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