The Fallen Direction: Together Again

*sequel to The Fallen Direction.*
Long Distance relationships? Yay...
Since the boys left that's what there's been.
They've be dying to see each other.
When The girls get on a plane to the UK will there still be relationships? Or will all sparks between anyone be gone? Stay tuned!
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1. Chapter 1: Video Chat

Jayda's P.O.V.

"Hi Curly!" I say to Harry laughing and waving.

"Hey babe! He says laughing.

"I miss you, love" he says to me.

"I miss you too baby" I say.

"Thanks for the bracelet, Haz. It's gorgeous" I tell him.

He'd sent me a diamond bracelet for our 11 month anniversary.

"Anything for you sweetheart." He says.

I smile.

"Babe I have to go. Show starts in 6 minutes." He says.

"Okay. I love you!" I say.

"Love you too! Bye!" He says

I exit off of Skype and sit on the hotel bed.

I hope we can spend our one year anniversary together. About a half an hour later I get a Skype call. I answer it from on my phone. I realize that I'm on the big screen live at the concert.

"Hi everyone!" I say.

The crowd roars.

Liam asks, "So Jayda, a fan wanted to know from someone close to Harry, what's one of the cutest things about him?"

"Umm, definitely his morning voice. It's just the cutest thing!" I say.

Harry steps in front of the camera.

"So love, would you like to hear the cutest thing about you?" He asks.


The song Little Things comes on.

After the performance I smile.

"I only squeeze into my jeans because I like having butt pants and I talk in my sleep because of the tea. Yeah you win." I say sarcastally.

"Well love, we have to go! Good luck on your interview tomorrow! We'll be watching!" they say.

"Thanks! Love you all!" I tell them.

I hang up. That had to be the cutest thing ever.

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