War, Love and Danger - Liam Payne

Emma used to be like every normal girl back in 1940. But then her parents and finacé got killed my german soldiers. She was determend to get revenge for that. After two years she finally was able to join the army and she was glad she could finally do something.

But what happens when she falls in love with her comander, soldier Liam James Payne?

She can't keep her feelings inside but will that be good? War is no place for love and feelings, and Emma finds that out the hard way.

(The boys are not famous in here)


1. Finally joining

Emma's P.O.V.


I finally got my letter, I was allowed to join the army to protect my country. My dream came true. I could finally take revenge for the loss of my mother, father and fiancé. The germans make me lose everything I had. My home, my family and my love for anything. 



To Emma Wildon, 


We are glad to tell you that you have been accepted for the next mission to protect the country. You will be expected at London's central station on the 24th of june, only take that with you that is really important. 



Commander Liam James Payne. 


I jumped up and down. I had to leave in two days time. Enough to say goodbye to my friends and my grandmother. 


I started packing my things and gain the courrage to tell my grandmother that I was joining the army. She would be heartbroken, I was the only one she had left, but I had to do this. This war had to be stopped. Before I could lose more than I already had lost. 




Hey everybody! I hope you like this beginning of the story! 


Xx SummerxLover 

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