Living A Nightmare

Katlyn Rodgers. You normal every day teenaged girl. She loved her family, friends. It all had to change when her bestfrind took her on a car chase.


1. car chase


Katlyn POV

I was sleeping on my bed when Yuri woke me. Yuri is my best friend. She is japanese, so she gets picked on a lot in my school. They are so racist... 

"Kaity! Get your lazy bum up! We will be late for shopping! C'mon" Yuri yelled. I giggled a bit 

"how did you get in here?" I asked sitting up in my bed. "Your mom let me in!" She answered handing me a glass of water. I nodded my thanks, and got out of bed. 

"I picked out some clothes for you!" Yuri pointed to the top of my dresser "are they short sleeved?" I asked. Yuri shook her head no. Her purple tip dyed hair swaying side, to side. 

"Thanks, you know how I feel" I said walking over to the dresser. Yuri is the only one outside my family who knows about my snake mark. It went and spiraled up my arm and to my shoulder where its head was. My parents say it was a birth mark, for a long time I believed them. I didn't after I was twelve. I just went along with the story that it was.

"I will be down stairs, I'm hungry" Yuri chirped and went out of my room for me to change.

After I got ready for the day I went down stairs my self, to see Yuri waiting by the door playing on her phone

"Ready?" I asked "yup" Yuri said as she walked out the door and on to the porch. We walked about a block when my arms felt weird. It started burning "you ok Kaity?" She asked with concern "I dunno, my arm, it hurts!" I explained 

"this is just like the harry potter movies! You know when Harry's scar started to sting whenever the one who should not be named is around!" Yuri rambled. "It really hurts" I whined tears threatening to burst out.

"Should we call a doctor?" Yuri asked "NO! What if its magic? Like in harry potter?" I added 

A black van with a bird on it drove by and my arm hurt so bad I dropped to my knees. Yuri seemed to notice this "Katlyn, come on! We have a car to chase!" She yelled. 

As the van drove off my arm stopped stinging as bad. But before we could no longer see it, Yuri took a picture of the license plate. 

"What's that for?" I asked "for the car tracker app. I can take you where the van is going and we can figure out this mystery!" She exclaimed. 

"I think it was just a coincidence..." I stated "no, of course not! Come on!" Yuri objected. I sighed defeated.

We ran to her house and got in her shiny black mazda. And we drove off following the black van that obviously is important to me somehow. 

*TwO hOuRs LaTeR*

"Where are we?" Yuri asked "near a town in new mexico, the van stopped at a military base" I answered. "What level are you in karate?" I questioned. 

Yuri smirked "just new to red belt, you?" She glanced over at me and then back at the road "I'm purple" I sighed " I have pepper spray in my purse!" She tilted her head near her purse. "And duck tape" she added

"Why do you have a huge roll of ultra strong duck tape in your purse?" I asked pulling out the roll.

"For cases like this!" She said as if it were a complete normal thing.

"What if we don't find out anything, and one of us ends up going to jail?" I looked at her phone making sure it was sill on.

"Hush little Kaity, don't you cry! I'm gunna help you try.
" And if they don't treat you right, I'm gunna put up a good fight. 
"And if that fight goes real well. 
"find me and bail me out of jail!" She sang.

"See! This is why we are friends" she and I laughed. 

"Here we are" she pulled up to a parking lot "now this is the best birthday ever!" I yelled 

"ready for action?" She winked at me, and I winked back. We grabbed Yuri's purse and walked in through the front door. 

"Hello, do you have an appointment?" Asked an older lady at a desk. Yuri and I looked at each other confused.

"Yes I believe it was around 2:30" I lied 

"Skylar O'brily?" The lady looked up at me  "yes"  Yuri lied along with me

"Ah, okay you have watch duty, right through Those doors, may I see your badge?" she  asked and pointed to the only doors in the room

I looked at Yuri with wide eyes "yes here" she said pulling up a picture on her phone. "Alright" the older lady said.

"Thank you" Yuri and I said together. That's when the burning sensation came back so hard I wanted to cry. That means we are at the right place.

Yuri decided to stay behind the doors. She was saying its my destiny I should do this on my own. I didn't object mostly because I didn't want to fight.

I took a deep breath pushing a door open and walked in.

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