Frozen promises

"Maddie , I love you don't you ever forget that ok!"
Now all that's left of him are his frozen promises.

Harry potter and percy jackson crossover.
I only own the plot ! Sadly I'm still not j.k Rowling or Rick riodan . All credit goes to them!


1. Chapter one

"What!" I screamed at my camp director "Yes, madisyn an that's final!" He said to me ,stamping his hoof. "You will go see the Hecate cabin to have them put an accent spell on you . You will find your trunk in your cabin. " he said his eyes on the scarlet red note raped in white ribbon placed neatly onto his dark cherry wood desk. "We're going to Britten " my half brother repeated the steady words of our camp director. "Yes " said mr.d as he walked into the room, coke in hand."your ... Specialties are of serves their "


"Offfh " I said as I landed on the pavement. "wach where your going kelp face" I said to my brother, and dusting the imaginary dirt off my hands . I fiddled with the end of long fishtail bradded hair as I waited for him to get up . "Watch where your landing lightning rod" he said . We tilted our heads up and looked at the very large brick wall in front of us . I carefully placed my small scared hand on the wall next to his large one and mutter the ancient word that was written on the note "Alhamora"


I listens intently to the older man, turning and pulling out wands and handing them to me. As I studied the wand in my hand I felt myself begin to glow. Like all over. Not like when I got chosen by my father , different . Ollivander gasped and moved his mouth but nothing came out . He looked like a fish. "This has never happens before , in all my years have i never seen this before" he mutters running a taterd cloth over his now sweaty forehead . "What's going on ?" I ask my curiosity getting the best of me. "Your wand is a exact mach to someone else someone very important to the wizarding world " he muttered under his breath, just loud enuf for me to hear. "Who ?" Percy asks "Bloody hades , you scared me " I whispered to him . He just smiled cheekily at me and looked at olivander for his answer. " harry potter" he said and pushed us out the door.


The bell whistling in the distance signified our closeness to the so called " Hogwarts express" the steady squeaking sound of the trunks weals was oddly soothing as I approached the scowling ginger woman she looked at me and sighed . "Do you know how to get to platform 9and3/4 " I say to her looking back to percy. " my brother and I need to get on a train " "You go through that wall " she said while grinning and pointing at platform 9 " is it your first year ?" "We have to walk through a wall ?!?!" Percy almost shouts. " if its your first time you might want to run, I'm Molly , Molly weasly . Talk to my son Ron on the train . It's his second year , now off you go before you miss the train" she fussed. I breath deeply and ran . passing straight through the wall . A solid wall! "Welcome to the Hogwarts express " I whisper as I open my eyes to see a scarlet red steam engine.

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