94 Days and Counting

This story is about a girl who has cancer and has 94 days to live. She has no family left except for her sister, and her sister tries harder and harder to fight back the tears of what will happen to her sister in the future.


1. What's Happening???


           "I cant believe we lost our family. Its not fair" Cathleen said. "We didn't loose our family Cathleen we have each other." Amanda said. "Yeah well your eighteen I'm fourteen this doesn't have a huge impact on you." Cathleen said. "How dare you stand there and tell me that losing my mom and dad doesn't have a huge impact on me." Amanda said. Amanda started to tear up as Cathleen walked by her. Ever since Amanda and Cathleen lost there parents in the car accident, they have been fighting a lot and getting stressed out. "Well anyways its time for your bed time, you got school on the morning." Amanda said. Cathleen shrugs and makes her way to the bedroom. Amanda walks around the house to make sure everything is in shape before she goes to bed. When she came across a picture of her mom and dad on there wedding day she starts to cry. Then she holds the picture to her heart and whispers " I will take care of Cathleen and you will always be in my heart." She takes the picture with her to bed, Turns out the light, and Goes to sleep.

            - Alarm goes off at 6:45 a.m-

      "Wake up Amanda" Cathleen said. Amanda wakes up trying to open her eyes. "Ok I'm up now get you some breakfast and get dressed and then let me brush your hair." Amanda says. While Cathleen is getting ready Amanda finds the picture of her parents wedding day picture again, and try's to fight back the tears. "Ok you ready for me to brush your hair?" Amanda says. Cathleen shakes her head and sits in the chair. While Amanda was brushing Cathleen's hair she notices something strange. Huge locks of her hair were coming out. "Cathleen have u been using something in your hair?" "No why?" Amanda shows her the big chunks of hair she had brushed out. Cathleen gasps and couldn't believe what she had seen. "What's happening Amanda?" Cathleen asked. "I don't know probably nothing big. I think you can make it through school though." Cathleen gets on the bus and goes to school. Amanda try's to think harder and harder about why Cathleen's hair kept falling out.

      - Cathleen arrives home at 3:40 p.m -

      By the time Cathleen got home Amanda saw that more hair had fallen out. "Alright lets go to the hospitial and see why your hair is falling out." Cathleen gave her an odd stare. "Why do we have to go to the hospitial just because of some hair falling out?" Cathleen said. Amanda gave her a long stare and Cathleen decided to go anyway.

          When they arrived at the hospitial they were called into a room immediently. "So what can i do ya for today young lady?" Doctor Lord asked. "Well you see my sister Cathleen is having issues with her hair. Her hair keeps falling out and i dont know why." Amanda said. Doctor Lord gave her an astonished look. He told Cathleen that he wanted to take some tests. After about an hour or so Doctor Lord asked Amanda if he could talk to her alone. Doctor Lord gave her a very doubtful look. "Oh my dear lord whats wrong?" Amanda asked. "Well see Cathleen has brain cancer." Doctor Lord said slowly. Amanda bursts into tears and slides down the wall onto the ground. "How long does she have left to live doctor?"  "Well by the looks of her brain she doesnt have long. I would say about 94 days or so." Amanda was shocked and she started to cry even harder.


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