Can"t You See

A poem describing my unfortunate current reality.


1. To Me, and Only Me

Why can't you see

The tears in my eyes

Or the shaking of my hands

The sadness in my lies


Don't try to break down

These walls I have made

The darkness in my heart

I am starting to fade


I am the reflection

The end of the line

But still I go on

Pretending that I'm fine


I can handle being lonely

I can handle being sad
But I can't handle the lovelessness

The loss of what I had


Don't wake me up from this dream

To live my nightmare

Life has no rules

It doesn't play fair


Why can't you see

That I'm drowning inside

You won't hear me scream

You won't notice my dark side

I hold out my hands

I give out my heart

I don't feel a grasp

Not even a start


Nobody cares

To them I dont exist

The demons are calling

Them I can't resist


So now I will say goodbye

Maybe for the last time

Is ending my suffering

Really such a crime

Don't try to save me

I'm already gone

The dark has taken over

I fought for too long


Say a quiet goodbye

And just let me go

The light is my friend

That dark was my only fo


This is a goodbye

To me and only me

For I have no one to lone

Nobody to see


What are you doing

Just waiting there to be

My hero, my prince

Why can't you see?

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