Don't Tell

A story about the love for dance and the passion for music but no one really knows her until they collide on a stage.
Read to find out if it works or someone goes home broken.


1. Another Day

**** Jasmine's p.o.v*****

   Here we go again another day at school 3rd year in college to be exact. I'm one of those girls people think is perfect with my perfect grades and how I got accepted to audition to one of the  greatest schools in London. I let people think I was going to college to be a marine biologists at Louisiana State University but in reality I wanted to dance I have all this energy that I have to keep bottled up. So far I only told my mum that I didn't want a career that I know  I don't have the emotional stability to watch creatures die in front of me. As the day goes by so slow I want to get out here and go to the auditorium and rehearse a little before I tell everyone by everyone I mean my friends Bella and Kylie. The last bell rang as I ran out of the classroom and into the auditorium. I quickly got out of my clothes and into a black sports bra and some navy blue aeropostale sweatpants with my black and purple nike free runs. I hooked my phone up to the dock I keep there and played Replay by Zendaya as I danced the routine I memorized from the video.

****Harry's p.o.v*****

After we went to look for a place to rehearse for the show in a couple days we came across a school. Considering we never came to this part of London it was exciting to have seen the school. We all go in and ask a lady were the head mistress she freaked out then gave us directions. We kind of laughed it off then we went our separate way. Eventually we came upon an office I knocked on the door then we all slowly walked in. As we all came in we looked up to a pretty old woman about in her 40s she asked how may she help us. Since no one was talking I started talking I asked her if she had a place we could rehearse just for the day as politely as I could. She gave us all funny looks and then a look of recognization struck her face. She hurried out of her chair and said of course as soon as she said that she walked out showing us the way. As we came upon the auditorium I heard music being played it sounded like In My Head by Jason Derulo. She left us there because of an important phone call but I'm sure it was her husband or if she had one.

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