Moments In Time

Harry loved Stella but when she dies from Cancer he is destroyed he can't live with her he tries to kill himself many times but the other boys save him every time. Until Louis gets Drunk and the others have to rescue him from a fight and Harry gets left home alone.... Will the get home in time or will he be waiting for the light?


1. One

Harry's P.O.V

"I.Love.You." A tear slips down my face

"Everything will be fine Harry."

"Promise!" She smiles at me

"I promise!"she kisses me on the check then the doctor comes in her room

"We are not sure what cancer she has it is too deep to do surgery on." The doctor explains

"No your Lying!" I yell at him "you can fix her you just want her to die! Well let me to you something i love her and i want her to survive!" I sit back down with my face in my hands crying.

"Calm down Styles we are doing the best we can for the moment you will have to fight for survival. She may not go home but you will have to Mr. Styles." He explains

"But i want to stay with her!" I snap

"We need more research on her and you yelling at us isn't helping, i know you are worried but all we need is time okay Mr. Styles!" He demands. I nod

"Love you Stel."

"Love you to Harry, remember i promised." She smiles and i smile back i wave goodbye not taking my eye off her. I got back home and slump onto the couch the boys talking to me but everything is just a blur I'm not listening they are trying to get me to eat but i wont, i stink also. The phone rings and thats the one thing a hear Liam picks it up before me.


"Hello, its Dr. Shepard, I'm ringing about Stella Gorsellia."

"Uh yep, i will give you to Harry."

"Harry its the doctor about ummm Stella?"

I grab the phone.

"Yes yes Harry here!"

"We operated on her and she lost too much blood to survive, I'm sorry."

"Shit!!! Well do you know what cancer it was!!"

"Yes. She had a Tuma in her brain and breast cancer it was very unlikely for her to survive."

"Oh okay..." I the. Hang up. Liam is looking at me waiting to hear whats happen he called the other boys in and i sat on the couch.

"So...." Louis finally says something after the awkward silence.

"She gone." I walk upstairs and lye on my bed look at pictures of me and her together and louis squeezes next to me.

"Just find another girl that what you seem to be doing." He laughs

"Fuck up Lou."

"Yes. Yes sorry" he starts to hug me so we a pretty much spooning which we do a lot so i do mind but this time he wraps he leg around mine and whispers in my ear "i will always love you haz." And kisses me on the forehead

"I will always live you too!"i giggle "Lou!" I laugh at my horrible joke. I turn around so I'm facing him, he looks at me and takes the curls out of my face.

"How can someone so perfect like you like a goofball like me!" He pouts

"Thats why i love you Lou your the best friend ever!"

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