Blood Royal

Book 2 in Bloodlines series.

Irina Bane hasn't got her life together. She found her mate but was soon after was taken away from him. Now she wants to get back to him but at cost? Will she have to turn to the darkest places for answers? Or will she make it back to him, alive?


1. Chapter One

Soo happy that this is book 2 and I happen to have many ideas but I don't know where to begin, Anyways, here's book 2, Blood Royal �� ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Irina D̶e̶a̶r̶ ̶D̶i̶a̶r̶y̶ ̶ Too old….. I have to say that actually going with Alex. Is the most stupidest idea I ever had. For starters, living with a perverted asshole that is obsessed with you isn’t the best way to feel safe. I have actually feel more safe around Mina and yet she wants to drag me to hel- Suddenly my diary was thrown across the room and landed on the ground with a loud “thump” . I lean against the headboard and sigh. I carefully put my hands in front of me. “Another thing to add on my list,” I closed my eyes,” control my magic.” I pulled my hands quickly to my chest and opened my eyes. My book was sitting in front of me and I breath out in satisfaction. “Your getting better at it.” My wolf told me. I agreed as I placed my book in its hiding place and return to bed. I felt lonely. “You’ll get used to it after a while, it’ll grow on you once you stay in the same place for almost your whole life.” My wolf words sadden me. “Is that how you feel being trapped inside of me?” I smirked,” I thought you felt honored to be inside me.” She playfully growled at me but didn’t respond. I lay back on my bed and was about to take a nap when I heard Alex having a conversation. “…..Did you get them into the room?” he asked. Someone cleared their throat and mumbled yes. “Good, just make sure you get them under control and go find Nickolas .” he demanded. "Who's Nickolas?" i asked myself. Alex dismissed the person and stepped closer to my door. I quickly turned to the right side of my bed and pretended to sleep when he opened the door. He took a seat next to my body and ran his fingers against my cheek. My body was repulse by his touch needing my mate's touch. Cameron. It was the only thing on my mind until I felt a sharp pain on my cheek. I opened my eyes and sat up as I held my cheek . I stared at him in disbelief. He slapped me! I noticed anger in his eyes and he gritted his teeth. "Never say his name!" he snarled. "But..." he slapped me again. I felt my eyes water. "Don't speak out of place. Did I forget to mention that I heave people watching over your brother and friends if something happens to me?" I growled. "They wont get hurt unless you don't break my rules." I didn't respond." Speak!" "Yes." my voice cracked like I was about to cry. He smirked. "You will not talk to any male unless told to." I nodded." Don't leave the room unless guarded by your maid." I looked at him strangely and slowly nodded my head. He grin as he lifted his fingers to stroke my cheek. "You are beautiful." he whispered. I faked a yawn. "Well I'm tried. Can I go to sleep?" he nodded and headed towards to the door. I didn't hear the door close since I was already drifting off towards sleep. I was running. I didn't know from what or who but I was in a forest, in a long dress that draped down my body which is not my pick of clothing. Anyways, I was suddenly falling until I felt myself push my body upward and gazed up to a cabin. I studied it when I felt a strange creepy feeling and stared at the old, almost broken down, house. I stood there continuing to studying it when a boy runs outside, followed by a little girl. "Stop, Nickolas!" she screamed. "Nickolas?" I thought. He paused and turned around to face the little girl. He had glowing blue eyes and was a bit taller for his age. His hair was a very dark color and he looked pale and angry. The girl looked innocent with her baby smooth creamy skin and green eyes. She had shoulder length light brown hair and looked scared. "Why should I! So he could use us and treat us like his slaves?" he bitterly laughed," I cant sit back and watch you get hurt because of him!" he growled. I nodded in understanding," Werewolf." He and the girl turned to look at me like they had heard me. "They're coming." the girl said. I looked behind me to see if someone was there, no one was. "Not only them." I turned back to the children. " They are master's of darkness and destruction." I knelt to their height, they never took their eyes off of me. "Who?" I asked. "There here." the little girl whispered and grabbed her brothers hand," we have to run." The boy shook his head and tore his hand from hers and took a step towards me. "We wouldn't be able to. Death is his friend, everyone fears him and he uses that to get people to fear him and make them take their lives." he looked at the ground. "People hide secrets, don't let him find u-" Suddenly his little sister screamed as her head rolled off her body and stood there was a person with sharp claws that dripped her blood, shadow surrounded him. He grinned and charged at the boy and the same thing happened like his sister. I gasped and felt tears roll down my cheek as I watched the boys lifeless body fell on top of my feet. "This is what happens when you are near people. They die." I cried as someone whispered inside my ear. "It's true." I responded as I looked at the boys body. "Ready for your punishment?" I nodded." I'll be fast." I waited for my death to come but the man disappeared and left a note. "People aren't always what they seem. I noticed that I'm going to keep your death waiting so you could realize who I am. - Your killer." I dropped the note and found myself staring at Cameron's dead body in front of me. "NOOO!" I screamed. I was crying my eyes out when everyone came rushing to my aid. Alex held me in his arms but nothing could have helped me when I caught a very similar dark shadow/person passed by the door. "Your death is waiting." someone said inside of my head. I started to heavily breath and stopped crying at this point. "No, your death is waiting." my wolf growled. "My. My. I see that your well since your wolf is so bitchy." he responded. "Who the hell are you?" my wolf wanted to curse him out. "You honestly wouldn't want to know. It might kill you since that's the whole reason why I'm here. To keep a balance ." he replied. "A balance of what?" I asked. Both of them were stunned that I actually talked. "Are you going to answer my question or do I have to shove your claws up your ass?' I asked. My wolf laughed while the "guy" struggled to respond. "It's not only me you should be worrying about." he disappeared. I kicked everyone out after my conversation. I stared at the wall trying to figure out who that shadow person was but I couldn't think of anything. So I turned to the most important reading source I had. My mother's journal. I suddenly rushed to get it and flipped to the next page I left off from. "...........I ran through the fields of the SilverRiver Pack territory. I tripped on a tree branch and found myself in front of a cabin." "Same thing happened to me." I thought before continuing. "..I stared at it for a few seconds and ran. I was about to cross the border when someone caught my arm. "You do know this is a slut free zone and a violation to pack law." someone told me. I turned around and found myself staring at my lover. Elijah. But if only he thought of what would have happened I was pregnant with his child. Baby blue eyes , black hair and wolf. He would have magic I him and would be strong...... I'll probably name him Cameron." I quickly shut my book and put my head in my hands. "Elijah was my mother's sex toy." my eyes widen." Cameron might be my brother." "Holy shit." I thought to myself. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What do you think? Like it? ��
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