My Saviour <3

Ria is a 14 year old girl. She is pretty, smart and loves animals, and her guitar! When she is given a young horse to train from her dad, will she be able to take on the challenge and get him to do any polework?


1. In the Bedroom

Ria walked into her room. She walked over to her rabbit's cage.

Beanie hopped over to greet her. Seeing him do this always made her happy. She poked her finger in the cage and tiggled his ear. He put his paw on her finger, then lied down. She opened up the cage, and took him out, placing him gently in the small pen on the floor. He nibbled on a carrot, whilst Ria filled up his small food bowl, mainly with small chunks of carrots and lettuce leafs.  Then she sat down with him. He hoped onto her lap, and she stroked him, and looked at the horse posters on her wall.

The posters mainly consisted of foals and black stallions. The foals were just being cute and nosey, whilst the stallions were posing strong and heroically, and galloping through big green fields.

She always longed for a horse of her own. Her garden was definitely big enough. They had a big field and a woods of their own behind. Usually, the big field was empty. Ria saw her dad building something in the field, which was very abnornal for him. She quickly stood up, and ran out into the garden.

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