You saved me

Caitlin I recently moved to Wolverhampton from Cheshire.
What happens when she catches the eye of bad boy Liam Payne?
Will she see him as everyone else does? Or will he let her in?


1. Tattoos

I saw her walking through the school gates, I knew I had to have her. But the minute she makes a friend I'm screwed!

You see, my name is Liam Payne, I'm the bad boy of the school and she's new so everyone gonna tell her shit and I won't get a chance. I'm also know as the guy who sleep around and with every girl possible, I'm not saying it's not true but yeah!

Caitlin's POV

I walked through the gates to my new school, great the new kid!

I miss my old school, my friends.

Anyway my name is Caitlin Elizabeth, I'm 18 and in year 12 now attending Wolverhampton high. I recently moved to Wolverhampton from Cheshire.

My mum got a new job down her so yeah. I'm an only child, but not the spoilt type though, my dad left us to go to Miami. I hate him with a burning passion.

As I walk to the front office I feels lots of eyes on me, but a pair of brown eyes from a nicely looking guy, I'm guessing he's the bad boy with the tattoos and all the girls, it wouldn't suprise me he's hot!

"May I help you?" A lady asks me,

I'm guessing she's the office lady person

"Yes sorry I'm new here my names Caitlin Elizabeth"

"Oh yes, Miss Elizabeth. Welcome to Wolverhampton high, I hope you enjoy your time here" she said and handed me a map and a time table

Let's see..... English with Ms. Joy

So I looked at the map and started walking to English.

I walked into the classroom, all eyes on me.

"Ah, you must be Caitlin, welcome.

Class this is Caitlin Elizabeth a new student here, I hope you make her feel welcome" she said, I was looking around and spotted a familiar pair of brown eyes,

'Oh no' I thought

I took the only spare seat next to him, all eyes were now on US

We didn't say anything the whole time but I couldn't help admire the visible tattoos on his body. I always found tattoos interesting

The bell went signalling it was time for second period. As I was packing up he spoke to me

"So have you finished checking me out then?" He said with a smirk

Shit! He laughed and walked out of class

Health with Mrs Lovato

I walked into class and the usual greetings and introductions

Oh god help me! Brown eyed tattoo boy was in this class and what's even worse? I have to sit next to him again yay! (A/N sarcasm)

I sat down

"Now you have some more time to check me out some more" that smirk might be the death of him.

I just blushed and looked away

"Pssst, hay" a girl the other side of me said

"Hi" I said confused

"Sorry my names Brooke, would you like me to show you around at break and stuff" she asked with hope

"Yeah definitely please" she smiled


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