I Finally Woke Up

Demons aren't real. They've been the figment of your imagination, one that slowly makes you lose your sanity. Liliana Hill has always been the realist. A girl of little words and big actions, she flits around high-school unnoticed. Until now. Finding herself in a world that she used to call her own, Liliana is going to need a little more than just actions to keep herself sane and alive.


1. Chapter 1- I'm One in a Million


   "Never underestimate the power of a little imagination. One moment you're sane and happy, then you slowly crumble as fear overtakes you. Don't wish. Don't plan too ahead. Tomorrow doesn't belong to you." 


  I narrowed down my eyes slowly, watching the white shift across the white fragment. I dipped my spoon in it curiously, wondering the contents of the mystery white. Finally building up the courage, I shoved the spoon into my mouth.

   "It's so sweet!"

  Hazel giggled at me as I licked my spoon clean. "Gosh, Lily. You take this sweet-tooth thing to a new level!" I sloshed my spoon through the ice-cream again, grabbing a bigger spoonful.

  "I have never tried something like this. It's. So. Good." I said, popping more ice-cream into my greedy mouth. Hazel stared at me with her warm, brown eyes. "Are you kidding?" she said. "You say this every time we get ice-cream. You need sweets therapy." I leaned back into my chair. I pulled my hair into a pony-tail, then grabbed my spoon and dug in once more.

  "I love your hair," muttered Hazel absently. She took a long piece of my hair and began twirling it between her fingers. "It's so pretty and soft. And curly." She reached up and patted her own braided brown hair. Loose strands hung above her face giving her a 'calm and level-headed' type of look. "Mine's so common. Mud brown."

  I choked out a giggle. "Crap brown...heh." We both erupted into heaving laughter, making all the other kids in the cafeteria look at us like we were mental patients.

  "So," Hazel began again. "Before your weird ice-cream thing, we were talking about your doctor's appointment." I immediately frowned. That doctor better keep those needles away from me. "Yeah...mom said something bout' safety...life ending consequences if I don't go..."

  Hazel stared at me from the back of her thick-rimmed glasses. "Life ending...are you sick?" I shook my head. "It's not about my current condition," I shoved some more creamy goodness into my mouth. "Something about impending sickness to come..." Hazel shook her head, loose brown hair falling into her face. "Jeez, Lily. You need to start caring a bit more about things like this. I mean, come on, impending doom. Doesn't that bother you a little bit?"

  "Nope. It's all a figment of their imaginative minds."
 "You are SUCH a realist."
 "You bet."

  Hazel glanced at her watched. The little finger ticked away. "Lunch is almost over. Your mom did say she was picking you up after lunch. I'd get ready if I were you." I stared at my almost-empty bowl of vanilla ice-cream. "...Now?" 

  "Yes, now!"

 I stood up from the table slowly. Grabbing my backpack, I pushed my bowl towards Hazel. "Throw that out for me, will ya?" I didn't hear her response as I dashed through the lunch room and out the doors. I walked through the hallway to my locker, ignoring the looks I got from the other kids.

  'Move along now,' I thought. 'Just a normal girl going home. Problem bruh?'

  I grabbed a few books and tossed them into my backpack. "Hey vampire-girl." I swerved around, nearly colliding with none other than her: Calypso Nick. I'd know those stupid blond extensions anywhere. "Vampire girl," she said again. "I heard your leaving early. Get expelled yet?" I glared at her. "...No." She tsked, annoyed. She shifted her pink purse to another hand. "They really should get rid of people like you. People with no sense of hair care."

  I tugged at my long, black locks. They were fine, I mean, Hazel complimented me a few minutes ago. "My hair is fine. Now leave me alone." Calypso giggled, flashing her stupid little manicured hand in the air. "Oh Lispy-"

  "It's Lily."

  She ignored me and continued. "This is the most you've spoken to me in..forever!" She faked a kind smile. "It's disgusting." Her icy blue eyes glared holes into me. "You need to make like a bee, and buzz off. You're a little annoying emo-brat that deserves nothing but hell."

  "Why do you torture me so early in the after-noon? I have to go anyway." I slammed my locker closed, ignoring the lines of profanities that she yelled out. "Really," she screeched. "Why are you such a freak? Maybe if you changed, someone would like you!" I smiled at her; a sickly sweet smile. "I don't need changing. Cause' I'm one in a million."


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