You Were the One, Maybe

Ever thought you had a best friend you could talk to about anything? Well I did, that's right DID!! Harry was like my best friend, until he went off and became famous. I can't stand him anymore, until one summer, he comes home with the rest of the boys. He reminds me of old times. Am I getting soft? Am i actually talking to Harry again? Am I in love....???


1. About the Author

Hi, this is my very first Fan-Fic. So please no hate, appriceate. By the way, my name is Taylor, and I'm 14, I'm also a HUGE One Direction fan. So please like, and comment, and follow. I decided to write this because, my friends and Family say I have a talent for it. So please read it. Hope u like. BTW's if there is a lot of Niall stuff, it's cause he is my favorite. Thanks!!!! :D

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